Maureen Reedy will run unopposed in the March 6 Democratic primary for the Ohio House of Representative's new District 24.

Maureen Reedy will run unopposed in the March 6 Democratic primary for the Ohio House of Representative's new District 24.

The 53-year-old teacher at Wickliffe Progressive Community School in Upper Arlington said her occupation doesn't allow much time for cynicism. Neither does running for elected office.

"I've always, at the core, been an optimistic person," she said. "One thing I've learned in my 28 going on 29 years of teaching and working with almost a thousand students and their families is, you work from a child's strengths and that gives you the energy to meet challenges and overcome obstacles."

Reedy said she was raised by a single mother.

"My mom used to always tell me, 'Can't never did anything.' It's a simple phrase, but true," she said. "I've always looked ahead, with vision. I believe that everyone wants to be on a team, working to solve problems. What I do, I build connections with students, families, the community. We all want to feel connected, successful, happy, productive."

Reedy will have her work cut out for her in the fall.

The new 24th Ohio House District includes most of Hilliard (Wards 1, 2, 3 and Precincts A, B, E, F and G in Ward 4), all of Upper Arlington, Brown and Pleasant townships, Harrisburg; and parts of Columbus, Franklin, Norwich, Perry, Prairie, Sharon and Washington townships.

Cheryl Grossman still represents all of Hilliard in the 23rd House District. In 2012, the district's boundaries change so that she will only represent Hilliard's Precincts C and D in Ward 4. Grossman will be seeking a third term in November.

The redistricting created an open seat in the 24th District that will be filled for the first time in November.

"In three decades of having kids come through my classroom door, I can tell you I never once looked at them and asked, 'Is your family Republican? Independent? Are they Democrats?'" Reedy said. "It was my job to educate them, to teach them, to help them reach their potential. It was about connections and community, not political parties.

"When we face economic hardships, we don't face them as Republicans or Democrats, we face them as a community," she said. "My vision doesn't come from a political party but from my desire to put my intellect, my energy and my passion into solving problems."

Reedy has also taught at Barrington and Jones schools. She lives in Upper Arlington with her husband, Tom, a teacher in the Bexley school district. She has two children, Jackie and Dan, both students at The Ohio State University.

Reedy was selected as the Upper Arlington Teacher of the Year in 2001 and Ohio's Teacher of the Year in 2002.

She has frequently given testimony at the Statehouse before Senate and House committees to advocate for quality education and opportunities for students in Ohio. Most recently, she held a leadership role in the statewide movement to repeal Senate Bill 5 because of her "belief in preserving quality health, safety and education services for all of Ohio's citizens."