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Administrators' pay frozen for second year


The salaries of all Upper Arlington school district administrators and 70 non-union employees will remain frozen for another year, thanks to action taken by the board of education Monday, Dec. 10.

Superintendent Jeff Weaver and Treasurer Andy Geistfeld said the salary freeze, plus a change in district policy concerning physical education credits and the school board's decision not to attend a national conference all reflect the district's efforts to reduce expenses for the next year.

"We have 27 administrators and 70 employees who are non-union," Geistfeld said. "Given the recent loss of the levy, we do not recommend any change in compensation for these employees."

He said it will be the second consecutive year salaries will be frozen for administrators, who receive no built-in step increases. The freeze will affect the base salaries of the 70 non-union employees.

Weaver said a change in district policy concerning physical education credits is also "in small part, a reflection of the loss of the levy."

The district's 5.8-mill levy request was rejected by voters Nov. 6.

Dan Donovan, the district's director of communications, presented a policy update that includes a revision allowing a physical education waiver for student participation in interscholastic sports, marching band and cheerleading.

Weaver said the district likely could reduce two physical-education teachers at the high school level if the policy were approved.

Board member Marge Pizzuti said the salary freeze "underscores the fact we have been prudent with district finances."

"We froze the administrator salaries last year and this year in an ongoing evaluation of expenses," she said. "That is why we were able to stretch the levy and keep the millage down on the 5.8-mill levy request.

"I know a salary freeze for the second year will be a challenge for our administrators, but this is an ongoing effort in the district, not just the result of the levy vote," she said.

She said the decision not to attend the National School Boards Association conference in 2013 will also save money.

Donovan also presented two new board policies. One is a nondiscrimination and equal employment policy that includes non-discrimination in cases of sexual orientation or transgender orientation. The second includes the federal third-grade guarantee, which requires students to achieve a certain reading ability before they can be promoted to fourth grade.

The policies were presented for reading only; the board will vote on them at a future meeting, Donovan said.