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City pushes use of recycling containers


Upper Arlington officials once again are reminding residents they can purchase designated bins to help dispose of recyclable materials.

For roughly two years, Upper Arlington's solid waste provider, Inland Services Corp., has offered residents the opportunity to purchase 18-gallon recycling bins to help reduce the amount of refuse going into landfills and cut costs for a "pay-as-you-use" system in which $2.90 stickers must be applied to all trash bags set out for disposal.

Last week, Upper Arlington officials issued a media advisory in hopes of reminding residents who don't have the bins or would like more of them that they can be purchased for $10 per container at the Upper Arlington Finance & Administrative Services Department, 3600 Tremont Road, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, or by calling Inland at 614-481-8480.

"We just send out periodic reminders that they are available," Upper Arlington Community Affairs Director Emma Speight said. "It's totally optional whether they use the bins or not."

Residents who don't use the "UA Recycles" bins still can have such things as plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminum collected for recycling by setting them out for curbside pickup in their own receptacles

However, city officials encourage use of the designated bins.

"These containers help give the community a cleaner appearance and have the added benefit of further streamlining the collection process for Inland's crews," the media advisory states.

Residents can purchase and use as many "UA Recycles" bins as they wish. Recyclable materials are collected at the same time as refuse and yard waste.

"Everything is on the same day," Speight said. "Your refuse, recycling and yard waste are all picked up on the same day.

"We try to make things as easy as possible."

Since 1992, Upper Arlington has used a trash sticker program.

According to the city's website, that program was implemented as part of a commitment to reduce waste while maintaining recycling collection services at no additional charge.

Either due to a desire to reduce trash costs related to the sticker program or because more believe in environmentally based initiatives, Speight said, residents have embraced recycling with approximately 95-percent participation.

"Whether you like the stickers or not, when you do a pay-as-you-use program, it encourages people to reduce the amount of refuse they put out and it encourages them to increase the amount of items they put into recycling," she said.