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New superintendent

Imhoff, UA school board agree on two contracts


The Upper Arlington Board of Education recently approved two contracts for new Superintendent Paul Imhoff -- a one-month "bridge term" contract that includes moving expenses and a three-year contract that begins Aug. 1 and ends July 31, 2016.

The bridge contract begins July 1 and ends July 31. It includes Imhoff's base salary rate of $165,000 annually and stipulates he could be paid for up to 10 days of transitional consulting before July 1.

Treasurer Andy Geistfeld said current Superintendent Jeff Weaver's last day is June 30.

"I am sure that Mr. Imhoff and Dr. Weaver will work together to make sure the transition is smooth," he said.

The bridge contract also includes a reimbursement for relocation expenses of up to $15,000.

Imhoff is currently the superintendent at Mariemont City Schools in suburban Cincinnati.

The three-year agreement states Imhoff will receive an annual automobile allowance of $4,800, a cell phone allowance of $1,080 and that the school board will pay his share of the Medicare payroll tax, which is 1.4 percent of his salary.

The board will also pay his total share of the State Teachers Retirement System contributions.

The three-year contract includes an additional annual amount of $2,000 if Imhoff earns his Ph.D. or Ed.D. during the term of the agreement and a reimbursement of tuition and fees in connection with attaining that degree.

The contract does not stipulate salary increases, except to state that prior to Aug. 14, 2014, the board may review the agreement to determine the advisability of offering a salary increase.

The school board also will pay for a tax-sheltered annuity policy equal to 12 percent of the superintendent's annual salary, for retirement purposes, according to the agreement.

Under health insurance, the board will pay 85 percent of the monthly cost of the superintendent's health and dental insurance, with Imhoff paying 15 percent. Beginning in August 2014, the board will pay 80 percent of the health insurance expenses and Imhoff will pay 20 percent.

Imhoff is entitled to 20 paid vacation days a year, according to his contract; up to 10 unused vacation days may be exchanged for cash at the end of any contract year.

The Medicare and STRS pick-ups and automobile and cell phone allowances are the same as in the bridge term contract.

The agreement also calls for an annual medical examination, an annual evaluation of the superintendent and the stipulation he must reside within district boundaries during the term of the contract.

Early in Imhoff's career, he was a language arts teacher at Pickerington Junior High School.

Prior to becoming superintendent at Mariemont, he was assistant superintendent of Madeira City Schools in Cincinnati. He serves on the national governing board of the American Association of School Administrators and as vice chairman of the Alliance for High Quality Education.

In accepting the job of superintendent, Imhoff said he believes Upper Arlington schools are "among the finest in the nation."

"I am excited to become a part of that tradition and eager to join students, teachers, staff and the community to help create the future in Upper Arlington," he said.