We have plenty to look forward to in the coming days and weeks as Upper Arlington gears up for spring and summer ...

We have plenty to look forward to in the coming days and weeks as Upper Arlington gears up for spring and summer: the Easter Egg Candy Hunt this Saturday, March 23, at Thompson Park (beginning at 10 a.m.); Leadership UA's Call to Public Service roundtable discussion April 11 at the Municipal Services Center; our annual Spring Fling; and, of course, the arrival of the Spring/Summer Activity Guide.

Leadership UA

Those of us called to public service are just that -- called. If you've ever felt the call to give back and serve your community in some way, I encourage you to stop by the Municipal Services Center at 6 p.m. April 11 for Leadership UA's Call to Public Service.

The evening is designed to give potential council and school board candidates insight into leadership, giving back to the community and how to run a campaign.

You can also learn how to apply to serve on the city's boards and commissions, find out what it takes to be appointed or elected to public office and hear from experienced community leaders about the challenges and rewards of public service.

Robin Comfort, school board president; Don Leach, current council president; Ed Seidel, former council member; Stephanie Kunze, state representative, and I will all be there to share our stories and answer your questions. Visit www.leadershipua.org for full details or look for event fliers at the libraries and other community locations. I hope to see you there.

Activity Guide

If you are looking for ways to entertain yourself or the kids, something in the spring/summer edition of our Activity Guide is bound to catch your eye. The UA Parks and Recreation Department continues to expand its offerings for all ages.

As usual, spring break and summer camps are offered for the young ones. There are plenty of sports camps to wear them out, too. And for the budding computer programmer, there are videogame design classes, robotics classes, and even classes on how to make a game for the Nintendo DS or an app for the iPhone.

Our adult section, LifeLong Learning, also has some great new classes. The Thrill of the Grill and the Taco Truck Guided Food Tour both sound delicious and educational. Twentysomethings, LifeLong Learning is meant for you, too! Zumba, barre fitness, dance and music would all be great to take with friends.

Of course, the Senior Center continues to make it easy for older citizens to stay fit and involved. Whether you're in the market for a weekly discussion group or want to take a trip, the Senior Center has you covered.

You may notice this season that for the first time, we have advertisements in the Activity Guide. Area businesses and professionals are now able to advertise in our most popular publication.

If you're interested in hearing more about this opportunity, just contact the parks and recreation department at 614-583-5300.

Clearly, we'll all have a busy spring. Online registration began March 20. Look for your copy of the Activity Guide or visit us at uaoh.net for details.

Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager.