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City's centennial

'UA Then & Now' to open April 15


Upper Arlington's history and transformations over the past 100 years will be on display next month at the Amelita Mirolo Barn at Sunny 95 Park.

The Upper Arlington Historical Society, Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department and Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Commission will open "UA Then & Now" April 15 at The Barn, 4395 Carriage Hill Lane.

The exhibit will run through Labor Day. It seeks to showcase Upper Arlington's history and capture its transformation from a small, rural village into a bustling community featuring landmark homes, renowned public schools and prominent figures who've made an impact locally and beyond.

"The exhibit will highlight changes the city has seen over the past 100 years," said Kate Kallmes, UA Historical Society executive director. "The idea came about when we realized that the Stony Brook School used to stand where the McDonald's on Fishinger Road now stands.

"We knew this contrast would be of interest to a lot of people. We also have wonderful historic photos of Kingsdale, Lane Avenue, parks, homes and schools."

The exhibit will be open daily, and there is no cost to view it.

Kallmes said the exhibit is being organized as part of the local centennial celebration.

In 1913, Upper Arlington was founded after brothers Ben and King Thompson purchased 840 acres from James T. Miller, who himself went on to become Upper Arlington's first mayor.

"Centennial events begin this year," Kallmes said. "So we wanted to look at what has happened in the past 100 years.

"We change the exhibits a few times a year and this seemed like a natural choice."

Kallmes said the exhibit will appeal to local history buffs, as well as people who wish to learn about local development and heritage. She added that it's an illustrated walk through Upper Arlington's past and present.

"We'll have historic photos that we've dug up from the archives and current ones taken by Nigel J. Bruce," she said. "We're hoping to surprise residents with a fresh look at our city.

"(This is for) anyone interested in history and the changes that occur as time goes on. Sunny 95 Park is a nice place to walk and play. So, you can do both at the same time."