The city of Upper Arlington is planning to spend more than $1.4 million to repair and reconstruct local streets this year.

The city of Upper Arlington is planning to spend more than $1.4 million to repair and reconstruct local streets this year.

In keeping with Upper Arlington City Manager Ted Staton's 2013 budget proposal and Upper Arlington City Council's approvals late last year, maintenance work is planned on eight local streets, with an additional two earmarked for reconstruction.

In total, the work is expected to cost approximately $1.435 million, which is in line with the street maintenance and reconstruction budget council approved last December.

"We felt we had about $900,000 in the budget to spend on our street maintenance program this year," City Engineer Dave Parkinson said. "By maintenance, it's what we refer to as 'mill and fill,' where we take the top layer of asphalt off and put a new layer on top.

"For street reconstruction, we take the whole street down to its foundation and reconstruct it," he said. "Our budget for reconstruction is $535,000."

In 2012, the city spent approximately $1.52 million for street work -- $845,000 for street maintenance and $675,000 for street reconstruction.

Streets identified for maintenance work in 2013 are:

* Brandon Road from Northwest Boulevard to Berkshire Road.

* Criswell Drive from Highland Drive to Regency Drive.

* Glenn Avenue from the city's corporation line to Northwest Boulevard.

* Highland Drive from Kenny Road to the city's eastern corporation line.

* Two sections of Leeds Road, from Canterbury Road to Lane Avenue and from Dorset Road to Zollinger Road.

* Swansea Road from Kioka Avenue to Mountview Road.

* Lane Avenue from Northwest Boulevard to North Star Road.

* Wellesley Drive from Northam Road to Lane Avenue.

Streets identified for reconstruction in 2013 are Sunningdale Way and Mt. Holyoke Road from Northam Road to Ridgeview Road, as well as from Zollinger Road to Fishinger Road.

Parkinson said maintenance work on Criswell and Highland drives and the reconstruction of Sunningdale Way originally weren't scheduled until 2014. However, he said, the city had money available in its 2013 budget to add those roadways to this year's project schedule.

"They need to be done now and we have the money to do them," he said. "We were efficient, and we did come in under budget.

"It made sense to do them now instead of waiting a year."

Although the city has not increased its street maintenance and reconstruction budgets from those approved last December, council did agree Monday to increase the 2013 street reconstruction contract with MS Consultants from $87,375 to $107,926.

The increase, Parkinson said, was necessary because of the decision to include Sunningdale Way in this year's project plans.

"(Sunningdale) is about 1,000 feet of road that got pretty beat up this winter," he said. "We needed to design that reconstruction in order to do it."

Exact timelines for the street work have yet to be established, but Parkinson said it likely will begin this spring and extend into the fall.

Parkinson also noted the resurfacing of Lane Avenue from Northwest Boulevard to North Star Road is expected to occur in July.

"It's our expectation that Lane Avenue will be repaved in July," he said. "That's probably the one that's going to have the impact on the most drivers."