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Students' creativity on display

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Tremont Elementary School fourth-grader Winston Basso-Schricker sets up his Van De Graaff generator prior to the start of the Upper Arlington school district's Invention Convention. The Van De Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator that uses a moving belt to accumulate voltage.
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Upper Arlington students in grades K-8 put on their thinking caps to compete in the district's Invention Convention last month at Upper Arlington High School.

Greensview Elementary School teacher Jill Bixel, who is a teacher leader for the gifted education program, said participants were required to complete both an inventor's journal and a model of their invention.

Finalists Winston Basso-Schricker, Connor Balderaz, Connor Hanks, Sienna Basso-Schricker, Nora Dimitrova and Rhea Pathak will advance to the regional Invention Convention competition May 18 at Columbus State Community College.

"Students demonstrated their inventions to judges who included teachers, administrators and community members in the science field," Bixel said of the local competition.

She said 17 students came up with innovative ideas and seemed to enjoy demonstrating their creations.

"They thrived on the opportunity to present their inventions to interested adults who understood what they were talking about," she said.

Bixel said she was impressed with many of the inventions.

"A great one was a trash-collecting robot that would keep city streets clean, designed by Sienna Basso-Schricker," she said.

Grade-level winners are first-grader Belle Balderaz, with "The Block Stacker"; third-grade winners are Sienna Basso-Schricker, "How to Stop Littering," Nora Dimitrova, "The Talking Jar," Rhea Pathak, "Super Safety System," Nicholas Forsyth, "Fireplace Flue Solution," Ben Culp, "Don't Text and Drive," and Abigail Falk, "The Cone Cap."

Fourth-grade winners are Winston Basso-Schricker, "The Lightning Project," Connor Hanks, "Hot Head," Emma Davidson, "Rock On with Sock On" and Josie Stewart, "No Mess Toothbrush."

Fifth-grade winners are Connor Balderaz, "Memoreyes" and Ellie and John Ford, "The Hair Collector."

Participation awards went to Eva Vanbenschoten and Alyssa Green, for "Desk Designer" and Alaina Smith, for "RuGrip."

The regional grand-prize winner at the Invention Convention will receive a $2,500 college scholarship, with 50 other prizes to be awarded May 18.

Ten of the regional winners will be selected to appear on Time Warner Cable's local on-demand station with the "Coolest Creation."