The Upper Arlington Civic Association is hoping to recruit 500 volunteers for an annual fundraiser that supports community events.

The Upper Arlington Civic Association is hoping to recruit 500 volunteers for an annual fundraiser that supports community events.

Those efforts are entirely volunteer-driven and wholly funded by membership donations from local residents.

The UACA's biggest annual fundraiser is "The Walk," in which Upper Arlington residents canvass all areas of the city to solicit membership donations to support July 4 festivities, the Easter Candy Hunt, the Golden Apple Teacher Awards, Labor-Neighbor Day, Golden Bear Scare, Christmas in the Park, UA Stage and more.

The Walk is scheduled for April 20-28. The UACA is seeking volunteers who will go door-to-door to each of the city's approximately 13,000 homes to collect membership donations.

"It kicks off on April 20 when we deliver our packets to the walkers," said Mike Dodge, a UACA member and co-director of The Walk. "We're trying to get 500 volunteer walkers.

"The reason The Walk is effective is because we're actually getting the involvement of the community help with the fundraiser," he said. "Generally, people are assigned to their neighborhoods because it's much more effective when we've got neighbors knocking on neighbors' doors."

Those wishing to volunteer to collect donations during The Walk can send email

Additional information about the event and registering to volunteer also are available at, and can be accessed by clicking on "The Walk" link under the UACA website's "About" section.

"Interested parties that register will be contacted by a director and given all the details," Dodge said.

The UACA is seeking to boost memberships during The Walk.

Upper Arlington residents who wish to become family members can do so by providing a $25 donation during The Walk. Single and senior citizen memberships cost $10.

"Donations are fully tax-deductible," Dodge said. "If you're not at home when a walker knocks on your door, the walker will leave some information for how to make donations.

"Memberships also can be purchased any time through our website."

Although the UACA hasn't set a financial goal for The Walk, Dodge said it's a vital fundraising event for the organization.

He noted that money raised from The Walk and through other donations throughout the year make annual community events possible, while also reducing strains on Upper Arlington's taxpayer-funded municipal budget.

"All of the funds we collect, the bulk of which we get during The Walk, are used by the civic association to fund all the events we do throughout the year," Dodge said. "If the city had to fund these events ... it would put a lot of pressure on the city budget.

"The thing that's great about these events is they're funded by the community. We're in our 80th year, and there's a lot of history of the community supporting the UACA."