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Morse at Cleveland Avenue intersection tops danger list


Central Ohio roads are getting safer, but the most dangerous intersection in the area still logged 233 crashes over the past three years.

A list of the 40 central Ohio intersections with the most crashes released by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission shows the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road took the top spot with 233 accidents that resulted in 69 injuries from 2009 to 2011.

"What we try to do with this list is point out areas from a regional standpoint we think are areas that should be looked into a little more closely," senior planner Joe Fish said.

"We want to help agencies find areas they should look at in more detail ... This serves as a starting place. They can do more detailed engineering studies to try and identify the safety problem and try to address it."

Having a list to refer to also can help municipalities acquire funding to address safety problems, Fish said.

"It provides a level of documentation for police agencies as they try to seek funding for safety problems," he said, noting that ODOT offers safety dollars.

"Having the location on a high crash list is one way of documenting the problem."

The intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Morse Road has been on the list for many years, but there was a decrease in the number of accidents after some work was done there, according to MORPC.

According to information on the list, the second phase of the Morse Road project was completed in 2010 after work on turn lanes and signal rephrasing was completed.

In 2009, there were 104 accidents at the intersection. That number fell to 62 in 2010 then nudged up to 67 in 2011.

Intersections on the list can vary, Fish said, but some are often repeaters.

"The majority of the list does stay pretty static from year to year. (An intersection) might go up or down in terms of ranking, but Cleveland and Morse tends to be No. 1," he said. "It's always hovering around the top, but then at the same time, some that were on (the list) in past years are no longer on the list and hopefully, they'll stay off the list."

Rounding out the rest of the top 10 on the list are:

* West Broad Street-U.S. 40 and North Wilson Road with 115 crashes.

* Innis Road at Westerville Road-state Route 3 with 110 accidents.

* Cleveland Avenue at Oakland Park with 101 accidents.

* East Dublin-Granville Road-state Route 161 and Maple Canyon Drive with 153 crashes.

* Morse Road at Westerville Road-state Route 3, where there were 156 accidents,

* South Hamilton Road-state Route 317 at East Livingston Avenue with 139 crashes.

* East Broad Street-state Route 16 at Waggoner Road with 126 accidents, one of them fatal.

* East Broad Street-state Route 16 and James Road with 147 crashes, one of them fatal.

* South Central Avenue-Harrisburg Pike at West Mound Street with 91 accidents, two of them fatal.

The list is compiled based on the number of crashes, traffic volume and severity.

The complete list of intersections is available at morpc.org/transportation/safety/safety.asp.

A list of the intersections with the most accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists is expected soon.