One of our more substantial road construction projects for 2013 is about to begin.

One of our more substantial road construction projects for 2013 is about to begin.

Work on the Waltham Road Phase II Reconstruction Project kicks off Monday, July 29.

The first part of this project is composed of the complete reconstruction of the section of Waltham Road between Northwest Boulevard and North Star Road.

The existing curb and gutter and roadway will be completely removed and replaced, the road will be slightly widened on the north side, and a parking bay and new six-foot sidewalk will be installed on the south side. It is anticipated that this part of the project will be substantially complete by Thanksgiving.

During construction, this section of Waltham Road will be closed to through traffic. The recommended detour is Guilford Road. Hours of work will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with occasional work on Friday in the event of weather delays.

The second part entails the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Waltham Road, North Star Road and Kinnear Road, with an actual start date still pending as project details are finalized. Additionally, a 10-foot sidewalk will be installed from the roundabout along the east side of North Star, connecting with the Ohio State University bike path.

The roundabout will be located to the east of the existing intersection, with north-south traffic on North Star Road maintained throughout much of the construction. Kinnear Road will be closed to through traffic, however.

The following detours will be in place:

* Westbound traffic on Kinnear will be detoured at Kenny Road to Lane Avenue.

* Eastbound traffic from the neighborhood that typically takes Waltham Road will be detoured to Guilford Road, then north on North Star Road to Lane Avenue.

Once started, this portion of the project will continue up to approximately Thanksgiving, shut down temporarily over the winter months and resume as soon as possible in the early spring.

It is anticipated that it will be substantially completed by late spring 2014.

Visit our road construction section on the city website for more details on this project and to register for email updates.

Street signs


Our Streets Division has been hard at work of late, switching old and deteriorating street name signs with new ones that feature enhanced nighttime visibility and our UA emblem.

On more than one occasion, residents have expressed interest in purchasing the old signs when they have seen our crews out making the switchover.

Rather than recycling all these signs, we agree that it makes a lot of sense to make our inventory of old signs available to anyone who wishes to have a namesake of their street to display in some way.

And so we have put together a means for residents to do just that.

Signs are available for purchase at three pricing levels:

* $29 for signs that are 24 inches by 6 inches, up to 30 inches by 7 inches.

* $37 for signs that are 36 inches by 7 inches up to 36 inches by 10 inches.

* $45 for signs that are 42 inches by 10 inches.

We have added a page on our website that provides full details, including a list of signs currently available for purchase, along with the option to pay online once a sign has been reserved.

Just visit and look for the link under our "Headlines" section.

Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager.