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UA schools add online payment option for fees


Upper Arlington City Schools' new EZpay system allows parents to make credit card payments for school fees or add funds to student lunch accounts instead of dropping off checks at school offices.

Karen Truett, district director of communication, said the EZpay system, coordinated by SPS EZpay, will be operational Aug. 9 from a link on the district website at uaschools.org.

"Our overall goal was to add convenience for parents by giving them a different option to make life a little easier -- so they could pay school fees online instead of dropping off checks or cash," she said.

Truett said SPS EZpay charges a $2 transaction fee for online payments.

She said district leaders are urging parents to wait to use the system until the end of August so they don't pay multiple transaction fees.

"We are encouraging parents that if they choose to use this service, they should wait until near the end of August, when all the classroom fees will be online," she said. "They could then pay all the fees together and only pay that transaction fee the one time."

She said the transaction fee allows the district to use the service without paying any additional funds to SPS.

"Our partnership with SPS allows the district to provide an additional option to parents without creating additional costs for all taxpayers," she said.

Parents may go online by Aug. 9 to build a profile and get acclimated to the system, she said.

All school fees will be payable online through the system, including pay-to-participate fees.

From the SPS EZpay link on the website, parents may complete a registration page, then add each child to their account by using the child's student ID number.

Parents who do not know their children's ID numbers should call the office where their child attends school.

Truett said parents do not have to use the EZpay system, but it is provided as a convenience.

"Payments by check or cash for fees will still be accepted at our schools," she said.

She said no personal information about students will be shared with SPS and credit card numbers will not be kept on file. Credit card payment information will need to be re-entered each time parents use the system, she said.

Truett said balances for the district's former "Cafe Prepay" system have been brought over to SPS EZpay, since that online system will no longer exist.

"Parents will be able to put money in their children's lunch account and check balances in the accounts," she said. "I think it is a great convenience for parents, because they can check the account balances after hours or late at night and add money for lunches to the accounts."

Questions about any fees should be directed to each school office, Truett said.

"If a parent thinks their child is not registered for a certain class or has a problem with understanding a fee, they should contact the school office," she said.

For a technical problem with the website, parents should call 1-866-My-EZpay or email info@spsezpay.com.

Truett said school offices cannot accept credit card payments, which are accepted through EZpay.