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Residents may purchase old street signs

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Small portions of Upper Arlington history became available for purchase recently when city officials set sale prices for old street signs.

The Upper Arlington Street Division announced July 24 it would begin selling its inventory of old city street signs. Those sales were made possible after Upper Arlington City Council authorized the sale of non-surplus city property such as street signs and other memorabilia.

At the time, neither the Upper Arlington City Manager's Office nor the finance department had set prices for the items.

However, last month's announcement included pricing levels of between $29 and $45, depending on the size of the sign.

"The division is in the midst of switching out the old signs with new ones that feature enhanced nighttime visibility and the UA emblem," said Emma Speight, Upper Arlington's community affairs director.

"As the old signs are being removed, they are added to an inventory list that can be found at uaoh.net under the 'Headlines' section of the homepage, so that residents can obtain a fun keepsake of their street."

Speight said the number of signs available for a given street varies, depending on how many blocks there are on the roadway in question.

Among its current inventory, Speight said signs available for sale for individual streets range "from as little as one sign up to a half a dozen or more in some instances."

At the time council granted Upper Arlington City Manager Ted Staton's request to authorize his office to sell street signs and other non-surplus city property, Staton said he had received requests from current and past residents interested in purchasing the old signs.

He also noted that while it wouldn't generate a wealth of income for the city, the sales would provide some added revenue.

For now, the sales will be limited to old street signs being replaced. Speight said there are no plans to produce custom-made signs for sale.

"This is purely to sell off the old inventory as it is removed from the city," she said. "There are no plans to (customize signs) at a future date.

"The streets division's focus is naturally on providing municipal services to the community -- such as road maintenance, leaf collection, snow removal, etc."