Upper Arlington News

City will buy traffic signal equipment, light poles


Upper Arlington City Council approved contracts Monday, Sept. 9, totaling more than $130,000 for updated traffic signal equipment and street light poles.

Members voted unanimously in favor of a $66,246 contract to buy new traffic signal control equipment from Baldwin & Sours Inc.

Additionally, council voted 7-0 to purchase a total of 20 street light poles and fixtures for $67,039, which the city will use to replace those struck by vehicles or that are otherwise damaged.

According to Upper Arlington Electrical Division Superintendent Steven Telfer, the traffic signal equipment will be spread throughout the city where antiquated controllers and other traffic-moving devices are located.

He said the upgrades have been ongoing for more than 20 years, but the city is still about five years away from having all of its 51 signalized intersections outfitted with modernized equipment.

"There are probably about 40 different components inside those (traffic signal) cabinets," Telfer said. "These are the brains of a traffic signal.

"We probably have 15 more intersections that need to be done."

The contract that council approved authorizes the purchase of four traffic-control cabinets, eight video-detection cameras designed to help determine when signals should change, 24 three-section traffic signals and eight, five-section signals.

It also provides for the purchase of 40 pedestrian signal housings and four school-zone flasher time clocks.

Telfer said the new equipment likely will be installed next spring.

Additionally, council approved the purchase of 20 cast-aluminum street light poles and fixtures from Loeb Electric Co. Of those, 10 will be 12 feet tall, and 10 will be 14 feet tall.

"These are to replenish our stock," Telfer said. "Primarily, they're used to replace poles that are knocked down by accidents.

"We usually lose about five or 10 each year."