Upper Arlington News

UA mails postcards with link to survey asking residents for community insight


Upper Arlington officials will use a new community survey this month to collect residents' opinions about city services, quality of life and policy priorities.

On Monday, Sept. 9, the city delivered postcards to approximately 1,500 randomly selected households, directing recipients to complete an online community survey.

That effort is expected to be followed by mailing hard copies of the survey to the same households to accommodate residents who don't have Internet access or who prefer completing the audit by more traditional means.

The goal, according to the Upper Arlington Community Affairs Office, is to receive resident input on city-provided services and life in Upper Arlington, and to help city policy makers set priorities.

"The results will help us gauge the community's satisfaction with city services -- and to identify if there are any areas that need improvement; perceptions of the overall quality of life; and to help us identify any issues that should be prioritized and addressed," said Emma Speight, Upper Arlington community affairs director.

"It will also provide invaluable information to city council and the administration, relative to important budgetary and service decisions for the future."

Speight said the city typically polls its residents via a community survey every three years. The last was conducted in 2010.

"Each survey is referred to often in subsequent months, both internally and also to help explain to residents when some service decisions or adjustments are made as a direct result of the feedback received," she said.

The deadline for completing the survey is Oct. 4.

Speight said it will consist of approximately 40 questions about city services, the quality of life in Upper Arlington and policy. An additional 20 queries designed to gather demographic information also will be presented to prospective respondents.

"It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete," she said.

The Strategy Team Ltd., based in Columbus, will conduct the survey for the city at a cost of $28,400.

Survey results are expected to be compiled and made public through the city's website, uaoh.net, by early November, Speight said.