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Spitzer identifies upgrades for UA city pools

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Upper Arlington's aquatics manager said last week that replacing a filtration system and heater at Devon Pool is among proposed upgrades for the city's three public swimming facilities.

Following the conclusion of the 2013 swimming season last month, Upper Arlington Aquatics and Tennis Manager Lee Spitzer has identified four primary projects to enhance Devon and Tremont pools, as well as the Reed Road Water Park.

The two most significant items remain proposals, because Spitzer must first receive Upper Arlington City Council approval to move forward with replacing the filtration system for Devon Pool's diving bay, and with plans to install a new heater at the pool.

"The old filtration system is at the point where I'm not sure we could get another year out of it," Spitzer said. "It's a mid-1960s system, and it has lived its useful life.

"The other project for Devon is a new heater for the main pool. It's an outside heater (unit). So, it takes a lot of abuse and it, too, has lived its useful life."

Because neither the filtration system nor heater projects have been bid, Spitzer didn't have final costs for the proposed work.

However, he estimated the two projects would cost around $100,000.

Additionally, Spitzer said his division plans to paint the office and mechanical facilities, as well as the locker rooms and concessions buildings at Reed Road Water Park prior to next year's swim season.

"We've gone through eight summers and it's starting to show some wear and tear," he said.

Spitzer also said each of the city's swimming facilities will be outfitted with new plastic and fiberglass drain grates before next summer. That work, he said, will ensure the pools comply with federal legislation requiring the grates to be replaced every five to seven years.

The painting and grate work projects are expected to cost approximately $20,000 and $8,000, respectively.

"The painting and grate replacements are normal budgetary items, and the filtration and heater are capital expenditures," Spitzer said. "We're planning to get started on all of these projects as soon as we can after the first of the year.

"I don't see any impact on the opening of the pool season."