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Upper Arlington school levy

Pre-election finance reports: Winners spent more


The committee that campaigned successfully for voter approval of a 4-mill operating levy for Upper Arlington schools Nov. 5 far outspent the citizens group opposed to the levy, according to pre-election campaign expense reports filed with the Franklin County Board of Elections.

The pre-election campaign finance report for Citizens for UA Schools, the group that campaigned for the 4-mill operating levy, shows a balance on hand of $73,956.78.

Citizens for UA Schools began with $16,272.64 and received a total of $84,782 in contributions, so that total funds available were $101,054.64.

Expenditures were listed at $27,097.86 when the report was filed Oct. 13.

Educate UA, the citizens group that opposed the 4-mill levy, filed a pre-election campaign finance report that showed total funds available at $3,407.38 by Oct. 13.

The amount brought forward from last year's campaign was $372.38; total monetary contributions were $1,010; total other income was $2,025. No expenditures were listed on the report.

Post-election campaign finance reports are due to the Franklin County Board of Elections by Dec. 5.

Donors listed on the pre-election finance report to Citizens for UA Schools included $5,000 from the Upper Arlington Education Foundation.

Contributors listed who gave $2,500 included school board member Robin Comfort, Matthew Hamilton, Tracy Peters, and City Cafe Arlington.

Overmyer Hall Associates and Lisa Martyn each contributed $1,500. Donations of $1,000 were received from Rhonda Fraas, Mary Ellen Hatch, Gloria Heydlauff, Ruscilli Construction Co., Bricker & Eckler State PAC, Lorraine Thomas, Guy William, Echo Kingsdale LLC, Arthur J. Gallagher & Associates, Erik Yassenoff, Timothy Duffey, Jeffrey Porterfield and Monica Kridler.

Expenses for Citizens for UA Schools were listed at $7,200 paid to Opinion Access Corp. for interviewing/survey; $476.41 paid to Tracy Peters for reimbursement of UA booth and tent rental and $150 paid to Peters for reimbursement of UA school stickers.

Expenses also included $4,717.30 paid to Scott McKenzie as reimbursement purchase of 1,500 yard signs and $64.05 for two foam levy signs; $312.64 to Upper Arlington schools for room rental at Tremont Elementary School for a photo shoot; $5,000 to Paypal for aggregate payment processing fees; $3,921 to Dancor Inc. for 7,876 postcards and mailing; $1,498 to Dancor for fliers; $280.64 to Lori Trent as reimbursement of copies for campaign literature; $3,047.14 to Scott McKenzie as reimbursement for 500 yard signs; $199.76 to Peters as reimbursement of a Fastsigns invoice for stickers; and $200 to Peters as reimbursement to Fastsigns for more stickers.

In-kind contributions to Citizens for UA Schools were listed at $980.48.

The top contributor to Educate UA was Mark Bainbridge, at $500; William Gable gave $300. Donations of $200 were received from Anita Lauren/Bernard Bronczyk, Margaret Booth, George Momirov, Suzanne Lindamood and Jane Gerlach.

Donations of $100 each came from Carla Sokol, G. E. Wilson, Eva Tomassini, Franklin Wirsing and Jeff Dummermuth plus one anonymous contribution for that amount.