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Grandview artist featured in Concourse Gallery


A Grandview artist and author whose work often captures or recreates the natural world is being featured this month at Upper Arlington's Concourse Gallery.

David Black's "Exhibit 9" opened Dec. 9 in the Concourse Gallery at the Upper Arlington Municipal Services Center (MSC), 3600 Tremont Road.

The display includes large-scale sculptures, which Black calls "Proto-Architecture," because they combine architectural forms with sculptural elements projecting movements.

The Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Division and its Cultural Arts Committee agreed to showcase some of Black's bronze sculptures, which previously have not been shown publicly.

"David's work combines architectural elements, like columns, with sculptural elements, like movement, into these wonderful proto-architectural forms," said Lynette Santoro-Au, Upper Arlington cultural arts manager.

"The work is really more reflective of David's fascination with the natural world than human activities."

In addition to the exhibit, which features seven collages and 10 bronze sculptures, Black has been involved in writing and filmmaking.

An art professor at Ohio State University, his most recent book is Urban Sculpture as Proto-Architecture, a collection of stories and images from his lifetime of creativity.

From 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12, Black will visit the Upper Arlington MSC to sign his book and to participate in a screening of Black on White, a 40-minute film about his public sculptures. The event is free and open to the public.

Additionally, the Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Commission will host a second book-signing Dec. 15, for which Black will appear at the MSC from 1 to 4 p.m.

"Black's work is installed around the globe and in the possession of many private collectors," Santoro-Au said. "His pieces are often described as 'people places,' a livable city's invitation to pause and reflect.

"They are recognized for a special clarity and tri-dimensional vigor," she added. "The bronzes to be shown in the Concourse Gallery have not been exhibited before and are for Black a return to his roots."

Additional information about the "Exhibit 9" display and Black's upcoming appearances is available at uaoh.net.