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Snow and leaves: Street crews are dealing with both


It's not often that we experience a large snowfall at the very beginning of winter, let alone a series of significant bouts of winter weather as has recently occurred.

Add to that a delayed "fall" of leaves from many trees this autumn, and we have a blending of needs for leaf collection and snow removal at the same time.

This has put quite a strain on our Streets Division, since this is the team responsible for both services.

Crews have been working 10-hour days collecting leaves in an attempt to catch up, but each time it's snowed, they have had to return to the shop, change equipment out on the trucks and then head back out to the community for salting and snow removal.

As weather and conditions allow, our crews are continuing to complete their fifth and final round through the city.

We apologize for the inconvenience arising from this unfortunate timing on Mother Nature's part.

If you still have leaves in your yard and missed your chance to get them to the curb in time, please visit uaoh.net for details of your options.

Communications Survey

The city recently surveyed citizens to gauge overall perceptions on services, finances and more. Now, we've narrowed our focus to city communications in a quick, five-minute online survey that is available to the entire community.

Please go to uaoh.net and click on the "Communications Survey" link found under "Headlines," and share your opinions with us so we can start 2014 on the right foot.

The deadline for providing us this invaluable feedback is Friday, Jan. 17, 2014. Thanks in advance.

Theodore J. Staton is Upper Arlington's city manager.