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Departing board members

Pair confident UA school district is ready for 2014


Longtime Upper Arlington school board members Margie Pizzuti and Robert Arkin have relinquished their roles to newly elected school board members Carol Mohr and Matt McClellan, but both had a few farewell words for school leaders.

Pizzuti and Arkin both opted not to run for re-election after 12 years as school board members.

Arkin said new leadership on the board and for the district was a good idea.

"We have new leadership for 2014 and a good financial future," Arkin said at his last school board meeting in December.

"This past year has been very special and we were blessed to have attracted our new superintendent, who has proved already to have been born to this leadership.

"We have been surrounded by excellence and gifted people," he said.

Superintendent Paul Imhoff replaced Jeffrey Weaver, who retired as superintendent in July 2013.

Pizzuti said she is "exceedingly optimistic" about the school district's success in 2014.

"As I retire from the UA Board of Education, I'm exceedingly optimistic about the strong and capable leadership that our new Superintendent Paul Imhoff will bring to the district, along with our very seasoned Treasurer Andy Geistfeld," she said. "I am gratified by the legacy that will endure, as we move forward in 2014."

She said the "meaningful milestones" that will endure from 2013 include the decisive passage of the 4-mill operating levy in November; the successful selection of the new superintendent and the election of two new capable school board members.

Pizzuti said she knows the school board will "embrace the opportunities 2014" brings.

"Those opportunities include a continued commitment to fiscal responsibility with the Efficiency Project and a passionate focus on accountability with the development of a newly invigorated and adaptable strategic plan, which will provide clear, measurable goals to guide our growth," she said.

She said there will be "renewed rigor" as student achievement is measured through the new Quality Profile, which "will provide the community with a report on district progress, identifying areas of success and opportunities for improvement."