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UA council officially drops plans to develop services-center site


As expected, Upper Arlington City Council on Monday, July 21, voted to rescind a rezoning of 5.36 acres at the city’s Municipal Services Center site.

After announcing July 17 that City Manager Ted Staton and City Attorney Jeanine Hummer were reversing their decisions to endorse a rezoning at the MSC, council followed suit July 21.

A unanimous vote by council overturned a 4-3 vote last month that rezoned a portion of the MSC site to allow for professional office development.

The turnabout came after a resident group called The Committee to Overturn the MSC Rezoning submitted more than 3,000 signatures from registered voters July 9 in hopes of placing a referendum on the Nov. 4 ballot to strike down the rezoning.

It also came after the city conducted an $8,000 telephone survey July 9-11 that gauged opinion on proposals to construct professional offices on a portion of green space at the MSC and after an Upper Arlington resident filed a lawsuit to challenge whether the city had followed proper procedures for considering the rezoning proposal and public notices for it.

City officials said July 17 the results of that survey weren’t "yet available," but city administrators no longer supported the MSC rezoning because of "confusion" among residents over the issue and because they wanted local voters to focus on a Nov. 4 ballot issue seeking to raise Upper Arlington’s income-tax rate from 2 percent to 2.5 percent.

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