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Water-main breaks will cost UA nearly $60,000


Upper Arlington is expected to pay the city of Columbus nearly $60,000 for repairs to local water lines that took place in 2013.

Aged infrastructure and a cold winter resulted in damage to 58 water mains throughout the city last year, according to Upper Arlington's Engineering Division.

Through an agreement between the two cities, crews from Columbus repair broken water mains in Upper Arlington.

That agreement further provides a reimbursement formula for Columbus that states Upper Arlington must pay for fixing an "excess" number of breaks.

With "excess" being defined as 150 percent more than the calculated number of breaks per mile in the system, Upper Arlington will be required to fund the repair of only 17 of the 58 breaks that occurred in 2013.

Upper Arlington City Council is expected to approve that payment to Columbus, which totals $57,478.12, at its next regular meeting, slated for 7:30 p.m. Aug. 25 at the Upper Arlington Municipal Services Center.

There was little discussion regarding the proposed payment during council's Aug. 18 conference session, its first meeting since taking a roughly three-week summer break.

Council President Don Leach said the water-main breaks were related to the "harsh winter, which we now get to pay for."

A staff report from the Engineering Division showed breaks occurred in every month of 2013 except July.

Many of the mains that broke were around 80 years old, and three -- one in the 2000 block of Beverly Road, one in the 1800 block of Chatfield Road and one in the 2600 block of York Road -- were installed in 1926.

The newest main to fail was installed in the 4900 block of Dierker Road in 1971.