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Letter to the editor

School bond issue supported

To the editor:

I urge your support for Issue 8, the bond issue for South-Western City Schools.

Issue 8 will replace 13 of our elementary schools and Franklin Heights School with brand new buildings.

This will eliminate the $40 million in maintenance that those buildings will need and will provide safer, more secure learning environments for the students.

It will also bring $120 million into the district from the Ohio School Facilities Commission that will go to another school district if South-Western doesn’t pass Issue 8. Because of the way the school district bond debt is structured, this can be done without raising your school taxes.

In addition to the new buildings, Buckeye Woods and Darby Woods will be renovated. Money not spent for costly maintenance on the replaced buildings will be available for use to upgrade and improve the remaining buildings.

There is something in Issue 8 for everyone and it can be done with no increase in the amount taxpayers are paying out of pocket. For our students and our community, vote “yes” on Issue 8.

Jim Lester
Grove City