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Slavik selected 2013 Irish Festival honorary chairman

Dublin has named the honorary chairman for its 26th annual Irish festival.

Frank Slavik, franchise owner and operator of Tim Hortons, was select-ed by former honorary chairmen, Dublin Mayor Tim Lecklider and Dublin City Manager Marsha Grigsby to chair the 2013 Dublin Irish Festival.

"I am humbled and honored to be selected as the 2013 Honorary Chair of the Dublin Irish Festival," Slavik said in a news release from Dublin.

"As a corporate resident of Dublin, I am grateful for the economic impact the festival has on small business owners," Slavik said.

"I don't put in the long hours at the festival for the recognition; I do it because it feels like the right thing to do," he said.

As honorary chairman, Slavik will preside over the Aug. 2-4 festival by starting the DIF 5K, opening and closing the festival and throwing the first dart in the annual dart competition.

Slavik owns five Tim Hortons franchises in central Ohio and has sponsored the festival for more than 10 years through his business.

Slavik has provided food for festival volunteers through Tim Horton's and has also been a member of the volunteer committee since 2002.

Slavik lives in Galloway with his wife, Michelle.