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Reisling elected school board president for South-Western


The South-Western City School District Board of Education Monday elected Randy Reisling as board president for 2013 during its annual organizational meeting.

Reisling, who was vice president the past two years, previously served as president in 2010.

The board voted 4-1 to elect Reisling president. Board member Jo Ellen Myers, who nominated Karen Dover for the post, cast the lone 'no' vote.

Outgoing president Mindy Garverick was elected vice president.

In business during its regular session, the board discussed proposed guidelines for setting a process for new appointments to the Southwest Public Libraries Board of Trustees.

The proposed guidelines state that the school board, which is the voting authority on appointing library board members, would accept the recommendation of the library board, Garverick said.

For the last several appointments, the school board has conducted candidate interviews, she said.

"Now it (would fall) on the library board, which makes sense because they know the skills and talents it takes" to serve in the position, Garverick said.

The proposed guidelines also sets a "well-thought out process" stating that if the library board is not able to present a recommendation within 20 days, the school board would take on the responsibility of filling the seat, she said.

The guidelines are based on suggestions that Dover has made, Garverick said.

Dover said her suggestions were not made due to any library board member not being fit to serve, but rather to make sure there was a specific process in place so the board could be assured a candidate brought to them had been vetted.

She added she is still concerned that the guidelines do not specify what perimeters the board would use to select a new appointee if the library board could not make a recommendation.

Dover said in conversations she had with SPL director Mark Shaw, he seemed to indicate the library board was willing to leave it up to the school board to determine "how they should handle it."

Garverick said she wasn't sure it was proper for the school board to dictate how another board should proceed, but agreed to contact Shaw to clarify his statement.

The board also approved a new policy accepting the state-required third grade reading guarantee, which will require districts to hold back third-graders who do not pass the state reading test.

Board member Cathy Johnson voted against the new policy, stating that while she understands it is required by the state, she cannot in good conscience give her consent to a policy that would keep students in third grade if they do not pass the reading test.