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School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame

Galloway Ridge trio applauded for service


Three Galloway Ridge Intermediate School sixth-graders have been named to the Ohio AAA Auto Club 2012-2013 School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame.

Caleb Cline, Ben Dixon and Isaac Hayes are among only 10 Ohio students to be inducted this year.

Galloway Ridge safety patrol members are given three weeks of duty in the fall, winter and spring for a total of 45 days, said Ann Crawford, an intervention specialist and coordinator of the school's safety patrol.

"All three of them are so dedicated and serious about their duty," Crawford said. "They never miss a day."

In her nominating letters, Crawford singled out each student for outstanding performance:

* On the days Cline has patrol "he routinely arrives at school early and often offers to help me make hot chocolate for the other patrollers."

* Dixon "is a very respectful, responsible student, who is always willing to go the extra mile, and routinely does extra duty when other students are ill."

* Henn, an honor roll student, "routinely arrives at school early and does not leave his post until all of the students have crossed."

The three inductees all said they were surprised to receive recognition for simply doing their duty.

"It's important to help keep kids safe and make sure they're crossing the street safely," Cline said. "I like helping out at school."

His safety patrol experience has made him interested in becoming a police officer someday, he said.

For Dixon, being on safety patrol was a delayed pleasure.

"I wanted to be on safety patrol in elementary school, but it was all filled up," he said. "It makes me feel good to know I'm helping keep other students safe, especially with all the speeding cars" along Galloway Road.

Many motorists travel too fast driving to or from the Kroger store located down the street from the school, Henn said.

"You also have to watch out for the buses," he said. "We make sure every student is able to cross the street safely. It's a big responsibility."

Having such responsible students in the safety patrol helps make other students more aware of the importance of being safe as they walk to and from school, Crawford said.

The inductees "all demonstrate the traits I'm looking for in a safety patrol member, what I call the three R's," Crawford said. "That's respect for others and yourself, responsibility and being a good role model."