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Township trustee race

Andrews wants to be voice for Prairie residents


Thirty-year Prairie Township resident and small business owner Andy Andrews II wants the chance to serve the community he loves.

Andrews, 53, is challenging incumbent Prairie Township trustees Ron Ball and Steve Kennedy for two open seats on the board in the Nov. 5 general election.

Andrews is a graduate of West Jefferson High School, is single and has no children.

"I believe that the people aren't being heard," he said when asked about the biggest issue facing the township. "People say they want more restaurants and a better place to live. People want more."

Andrews said he can't make people any promises, but what he can do is listen to them and respond.

"We need more communication between the board and the people," he said.

If elected, Andrews said he could bring his talents as a small-business owner to the board. He currently owns and operates a security business called Alert Alarms Inc.

He said he is ready, willing and able to help the residents of Prairie Township.

"I would do anything for anybody," he said. "I am a giving person."

Andrews said he shares the same concerns as the community when it comes to the rising cost of taxes, loss of community resources and the lack of new business in the area.

"Development is needed to help offset the cost of running a community such as ours," he said. "It takes the people of the community to hold a community together."

Andrews said he has spent the last few weekends knocking on thousands of doors in an effort to let the people get to know him better.

"I have knocked on the doors of 4,000 homes," he said. "My dad taught me that if you want something, you go out and work for it. What it comes down to is the people's choice."