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Monday vote expected on redistricting


A final elementary boundary revision plan is expected to be presented to and adopted by the South-Western Board of Education at its meeting Monday, Feb. 10.

The finishing touches on the boundary map will consider the feedback the district received from parents at a Jan. 22 meeting and in a survey and image of the draft boundary map the district posted online for those unable to attend the meeting, Deputy Superintendent David Stewart said.

"The community has been involved in the process all along," Stewart said.

A review of the elementary school boundaries was needed because of the relocation of North Franklin Elementary School students to the new Bolton Crossing Elementary building, the combining of East Franklin and Finland elementary schools and space in the new school buildings that are part of the district's Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project, he said.

Another factor is the district's study of whether beginning all-day kindergarten classes in the district would be feasible for the 2015-16 school year, Stewart said.

"Our goal (with the new boundary map) is to disrupt as few families as possible," he said. "The main feedback we've received from parents has been positive. They love and have loyalty for their schools and don't want their children to have to attend another school."

Other factors the boundary committee has considered include keeping neighborhoods together, using natural boundaries, remaining true to the existing feeder systems for the district's intermediate, middle school and high school buildings and safety issues, Stewart said.

Another goal is to make sure each school has the capacity to handle enrollment increases in the coming years, he said.

After the school board has approved the final boundary plan, letters will be sent in the spring to all elementary students' homes letting families know which elementary school their child will be assigned to and giving information about the transition to the new boundary zones, Stewart said.

"The construction project is a phased project, so some of these boundary changes are phased as well," he said. "We will be letting families know where their children will be attending school in the 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, as well as reminding them of the intermediate, middle school and high school zones" for their home address.

The boundary zones for the intermediate, middle and high schools will not be changing, Stewart said.

In August, parents will receive letters with more information about transportation, homerooms, teacher assignments and other issues.