Stepping into greenhouse No. 7 at Folsom & Pine Farm, one is instantly greeted by the aroma of fresh soil.

Stepping into greenhouse No. 7 at Folsom & Pine Farm, one is instantly greeted by the aroma of fresh soil.

"It smells real good," said Jeremy Priwer, one of the owners of Folsom & Pine. "Here (in the greenhouse) is where everything starts."

As the warmer weather of spring approaches, Folsom & Pine hopes to flourish with its new name and expanded focus. It officially opened March 15 at 5959 Lambert Road in Orient.

With more than 93,000 square feet of greenhouse space and 1,500 individual products, Folsom & Pine will feature plants, flowers and edibles during the main growing season as well as maintaining a year-round edibles operation, supplying lettuce, micro-greens and other seasonal produce to local restaurants and markets.

Among the entities that feature produce from Folsom & Pine are ella, DeepWood, the Sycamore, Harvest Pizzeria, L'Antibes, Spagio, Celebrate Local at Easton and the Hills Market in Worthington.

"We're concentrating on edibles, bedding plants, vegetable plants, bulk seed and combination annuals," Priwer said.

Priwer said he anticipates Folsom & Pine will make up about 10,000 baskets and containers this year with combinations of annuals.

"We're really putting an emphasis on combination pots," he said. "You've got to make sure the plants complement each other."

Another emphasis of the business will be locally produced food, both for quality and sustainability reasons.

"People are getting really fed up about not knowing where our food comes from," said Lori Fry, a cousin and co-owner of Folsom & Pine with Priwer. "People are finding it more important to know their farmers."

Jimilea Fry, another cousin and co-owner, said people can't be certain how long a bag of lettuce in a grocery has been there or what it might have picked up in transportation.

"Produce shouldn't last that long," she said.

Lori Fry said the business plan also includes eventually offering classes for the community.

"Our mission is to make us where the community can come and not only buy healthy local food but learn about plants," she said. "This isn't just going to be a retail space to sell our stuff. ... Plants (are) an investment, and we want people to find success."

Folsom & Pine grew out of a previous family business, Ehmann & Sons Greenhouse. Priwer is the grandson of Ehmann & Sons' original owners, Gene and Norma Ehmann, who are still involved with the business.

"They started this farm in 1962 and ran it with their three sons," Lori Fry said. "We're the fifth generation of this family."

For more information about Folsom & Pine, visit or call 614-385-4080.