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Event to support Ohio Military Reserve

The State Guard Association, the charitable foundation supporting the Ohio Military Reserve, will hold a fund raising/public outreach event Aug. 23, at the Buffalo Wild Wings Georgesville Square, 1690 Georgesville Square Drive in Columbus.

Through its partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings and its Eat Wings, Raise Funds program, the State Guard Association collects 10 percent of same-day store sales and then distributes this money to the eight mission-distinct commands of the Ohio Military Reserve located in Ohio.

The money goes to purchase uniforms and equipment which would otherwise need to be purchased by the members themselves. Unlike the Ohio National Guard, every member of the OHMR is responsible for maintaining his or her own equipment and for being deployable directly to an emergency on 24-hour notice.

Soldiers of the OHMR are trained per FEMA standards and are equipped not only to deploy directly to the location of an emergency but also to support themselves for up to 72 hours.

The purpose of the Ohio Military Reserve is to maintain a trained and readily deployable Civil Support and Sustainment Brigade level force that immediately can be called on by the state governor for deployment to any part of the state in event of a state wide or local emergency.