Friends help clean up after the storm.

Friends help clean up after the storm

To the Editor:

I am physically challenged and unable to perform any type of yard work.

During the severe storm on Friday evening, June 29, I lost one of my apple trees in the back yard, which was completely blown down. On the following Monday, July 2, several of my neighbors came over to my house and advised they were going to cut up this apple tree into 4-foot lengths and haul them down to the curb.

This task was performed in about two hours in the most blistering, humid heat without complaint. I would like to publically thank my friends/neighbors in this Letter to the Editor for others to read and know that there are still people who will assist and help people in need.

My wife and I would like to personally commend the following neighbors of ours: Mike Pavolino, Cameron Volkert, T.J. Ryan, Bruce Hash, Will Hash and Ed Yingling.

This was a very Christian thing to do, and we thank them.

John and Barbara Liedtke