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Police seek help to find Westerville Square robbers


Westerville police still are searching for two men who assaulted a man in a wheelchair and robbed him of $40 Nov. 3.

According to Westerville police reports, the man, who uses a wheelchair, was having lunch at a Westerville Square restaurant when he ventured around the building to take a look at the construction site.

He was approached by two men who demanded money, police said. When the 50-year-old victim refused, he was punched in the face, police said.

The assailants fled after the victim gave them $40.

The victim described one of the robbers as a white man wearing a blue winter coat and the other as a black man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt.

"When people commit robberies and infringe upon others and victimize others, that in itself is inexcusable," said Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer. "When you victimize someone who has a disability ... that is absolutely inexcusable."

Though the victim sustained minor injuries, there is a lasting effect to a crime of that nature, Morbitzer said.

"Just like with any crime, there's victimization both physically and mentally," he said.

Morbitzer said the crime is difficult to solve because it happened in a secluded areas with no witnesses.

Police have canvassed the area, knocking on doors and asking people who frequent the area for any information, Morbitzer said.

"We don't have anything to go on right now. We are still seeking input from the public," Morbitzer said. "That's where really good police work and follow up and attention to detail come in. ... It makes it harder to solve those, but we continue to work as hard as you would with any crime to get those crimes solved."

Anyone with potential information on the crime is asked to call Westerville Police Lt. Paul Scowden at 614-901-6450.


"When you victimize someone who has a disability ... that is absolutely inexcusable."


Westerville police chief