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Westerville South teachers' raps lead to cash

Contest entry earn first place out 100 videos, brings $15,000 grant for school, teachers


It's been more than two years since Westerville South High School's math teachers broke into the music business.

That's when a group, led by math teachers Tyler Winner and Dave Schultz, began posting math-related videos on YouTube.

The school now has its own "Westerville South Math Raps" YouTube page with five videos -- all parodies of popular rap songs -- posted in the last two years.

Super Base -- a parody of Nick Minaj's Super Bass -- has earned the most views, with 653,053 people watching the video since it was posted last year.

The most recent video, All I Do Is Solve, which parodies DJ Khaled's All I Do Is Win, has been viewed 149,913 times since it was posted eight months ago.

Winner and Schultz have expanded beyond their YouTube fame, however, and found success with a new video, in which the two rap about Westerville South's integrated learning environment and why it's ideal for 21st-century students.

They submitted the video to Compass Learning's "Ideal Learning Environment Video Contest."

The pair earned first prize out of more than 100 videos submitted.

The top prize was a $15,000 grant, with $5,000 going to the school and the teachers splitting the remainder.

The video highlights the way the school uses technology, real-world examples, student engagement, humor and music to captivate students and make sure they're learning and being offered the best learning environment possible.

The Westerville South video was selected based on voting through Compass Learning's Facebook page and with input from a panel of judges, including industry experts and leaders, according to a Compass Learning press release.

Westerville South's video stood out because of the use of music and humor, the company said.