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Office alternative offered above retail shops Uptown


Small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs in need of small office space have a new option in Uptown: the Park Building Offices.

Located on the upper level of 79 S. State St., above Trumpington Bridal and Chocolaterie Stam, the offices are available for month-to-month or yearly rentals.

Those in need of office space can rent anything from a desk in a shared office to a full suite. Rentals of the building's high-tech conference room also are available.

Renters get access to high-speed Internet through the city's WeConnect system, along with typical office amenities such as a reception area, copy room, kitchenette and security.

The space is meant to appeal to businesses that need a professional office space but don't want or need a large, corporate setting, said Mary Kall, a consultant for the project.

"It's professional, not necessarily corporate," Kall said. "I ... liken it (to) graduating from the corner of your bedroom to the corner of your office.

"It's your own office within an office."

The 2,400-square-foot Park Building Offices have semi-private shared offices, private offices and a full, private suite. Offices can be rented furnished or unfurnished.

"Depending on what you're looking for, it's here," Kall said.

Owner Drew Berlin, who tore down a gas station to construct the Park Building about 10 years ago, said he's aware that there is plenty of office space on the market, but the Park Building Offices are meant to appeal to a new generation of business.

Many businesses need space but no longer need large spaces with a big staff, Berlin said. Flexibility is key, he said.

"We wanted to get up to the 2012 version of offices," Berlin said.

The second floor of the Park Building previously housed a traditional office.

Berlin renovated the space, painting it with bright colors, moving in more modern-looking furniture and equipping it with the latest technologies used by businesses. A plus to the location already in place, Berlin said, were the views of Uptown and the off-street parking.

Berlin said he wanted to provide a space that appealed to people because it was different and modern.

"We wanted to have something that's 'neat,' " Berlin said. "I want someone to say, 'Hey, man, I have an office in your space.' That's neat."