What I see on Sunbury Road -- I see cars. I see stores. I see people with chores.

1st Place

Phoebe W.

And To Think That I Saw It On Sunbury Road

What I see on Sunbury Road --

I see cars. I see stores.

I see people with chores.

I see them washing the windows and sweeping the streets.

I hear the crows' shrill squeaks.

I can't say that I saw my own shoes -- it's too boring, it's too plain.

I will make up a story of what I saw. My parents will think I'm insane!

I have an idea! I won't just be plain!

I will make up a story and I will make it insane.

I will tell them I saw stores with ELECTRIC butterflies.

I can't wait to see the expression in their eyes.

What a surprise!

Wait! That's just not right.

Tiny butterflies soaring in flight!?!?!?

I don't think so.

Why butterflies are much too small.

I'm making up a story after all.

An elephant is too big, a butterfly is too small.

I need something in the middle like a giraffe --

No. Their necks are too tall.

An elephant is too big.

A butterfly is too small.

I mean I am making up a story after all.

Oh! I'll say there was a rhinoceros there pulling a 10 foot 1800 pound truck

With a ninja with black long hair and some assorted duck.

No! no! no! A duck is too small.

I'll say there was a tiger.

You know I am making up a story after all.

A tiger with fangs, one with a jaw.

No, no, no that's too silly.

A rhino, a duck, a ninja -- pity, pity.

It's childish. it's babyish. There's too much to say.

Too much to think of. What will I say?

Oh quite a story. What a tale.

I need a story! A story!

One with glory,

or sadness,

or gladness.

Oh what am I thinking?

Whenever there's a story comes along a boat sinking.

A boat! A boat!

That's just what I need.

A boat with a laser.

Wow! I could really gloat.

A boat that chops down trees to make brown silky thneeds.

Now hold it ....... That's copying the Lorax.

People will be concentrating on that story, not mine.

I might as well just tell the truth.

That I saw Mr. Todd and I saw Mrs. Ruth.

That I saw Abby, and Devlyn, Collin, and Ruth.

That I saw trees and bees surrounding the trees.

And then I tip toed into my house

as quiet as a mouse.

Just then my mom caught me -- staring right in my eyes,

and to my surprise.....

She said nothing,

nothing at all.

So I stood up straight.

Very proud, very tall.

You know what?

Maybe I won't make up a story after all.


2nd Place

Brandon Pate


If I opened an umbrella and I started to float up, up, and away, I would float all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Then I lost my grip. I plunged into the water. I bobbed back up, and swam frantically. I reached a boat and clung onto it. It took me to a town called Ocean View. I checked my pockets for money. All I had was $20. I could not buy a plane ticket. I went to a bike store and asked if there were any bikes for $20. The owner said a 50 year old was $7. I took it. Next I bought food. Then I rode and rode and rode til midnight. Then I ate a sandwich. I found trees and I slept til 6 AM. I was off again. I saw a map store. I had $1 left. I ran in, bought a map and asked what state I was in. The man at the counter said the edge of Pennsylvania. I was happy. I was almost home. I was on the road we took to my uncle's house. I knew the way. It would take 12 hours. I rode and rode. At 1 AM I got on 270. I rode an hour. I got on Sunbury Rd. I took another 21/2 hours to get to my house. I jumped off the bike. It broke. I did not care. I was home.


3rd Place

Abby Jarrell

The Door

The door is made out of wood. It would say Abby Jarrell with white on the outside and purple poca dots all around. I would hear my recital song ewee ewahhahanbingbangwalla walla bing bang fart. It would be coming from the stage for my recital and Miss Cati said that we had to practice because it is right before the recital. So we did it over and over and again. My costume looks like pink and green dots with a pink belt and a gem in the middle of a black skirt with tan leggings and black shoes and a pink fur jacket. Now we do our warm ups before we go out on stage. Now it is time for the recital. We do our 18 step touches and then our arms up and down 4 times and shimmy shimmy shimmy clap 5 times, step back step together 4 times, step step clap 4 times, jump clap 8 times and a tour shoulders and step back arms up 4 times chicken head 2 times step 8 times and last step back step together 4 times. My parents would come up to me with flowers and they would say you did great and you did awesome. You did good. Then we would go to Tony's and get my favorite ribs and salad and Dr. Pepper. It would be good. Then we would say hi to my brother and go home and play clue mansion, go fish, spoons and blink It would be fun and awesome. Then put on my mudd pants and a t-shirt. Then went to bed.

The End.


Honorable Mention

Brandon Mueller

All About My Dog

My dogs name is Griffin. He is white. He is a west highland terrier. He has his own Christmas stocking. He has a lot of toys. He likes to clean up the crumbs after we eat. He likes to play, bark, and chase with my dad. He likes to go in the backroom a lot. He checks on our sumppump a lot. He likes to chase squirrels in the backyard. He likes to go outside a lot. That's about my dog.

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