Westerville North High School's theatre department is using its final production for the year to showcase its talent.

Westerville North High School's theatre department is using its final production for the year to showcase its talent.

While Harvey!, a play about a man whose best friend is an invisible 6-foot-3-inch rabbit, has a small cast, director Kim Mollohan has multiplied that by triple-casting all but the two primary roles.

Each performance will feature a different cast, Mollohan said.

The play will be performed at 7 p.m. today through Saturday, April 18-20 at the school, 950 County Line Road. General admission is $6.

Mollohan said the triple-play allows her to give more students the on-stage experience while easing the difficult decision that comes with casting a small production.

"I had so much talent walk through my door that I really couldn't limit a cast to 12 kids," Mollohan said. "My kids are learning really good things, and they're making it harder and harder for their director to cast a show."

The method has, however, meant thrice the work for those involved with the play, Mollohan said.

"It's been interesting and delightful, but there's never enough time," Mollohan said.

The students are having fun with the unconventional method, but the large quantity of dialogue that fills "Harvey!" has many concerned, Mollohan said.

"They're embracing it. They're also very nervous," she said. "It's a lot of dialogue."

The three casts also present an interesting opportunity for theatre patrons: Someone could attend all three shows and have a different experience at each one because of the different actor's takes on their characters.

"There are definite differences, even though the lines are the same. Every actor has a different interpretation," Mollohan said. "A different mix of kids does the show a little bit different way. It really is fun to watch."

While Mollohan said she'll likely never attempt a triple cast again, she said the hard work has been worth it because so many kids have benefitted from participating in a difficult comedy production.

"The show is so funny that the kids are really enjoying the comedic elements, and they're really enjoying the comedic timing," Mollohan said.

The comedy has taught students who might not have natural comedic timing, "how do you say a line so the audience appreciates it and get a chuckle out of it," Mollohan said.

Tickets to Harvey! can be purchased in advance online at wnsports.info, or at the door.