The Westerville Central Theater Department is luring patrons by promising to deliver "The Best Show You'll Ever See (This Week)."

The Westerville Central Theater Department is luring patrons by promising to deliver "The Best Show You'll Ever See (This Week)."

In its final production of the year, the high school theater group will perform the compilation of a dozen one-act plays at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 28.

The Friday show will begin with a performance of Central's annual children's show, The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Dreamer, written by senior Isabella Trevino. The feature performance will begin shortly after 8 p.m.

Tickets for all performances are $6.

With The Best Show You'll Ever See (This Week), Central hopes to present something new and fresh to theatergoers, said director Michael Fusco.

In putting together the show, Fusco said he looked for non-royalty materials to keep the cost low and give his actors access to something new and fun. He relied heavily on some local writers he knows well.

"We were looking for some new material, and two of my sons -- all three of my sons do a lot of writing, and they have all written plays in the past -- so this material was available, and it was quality stuff," Fusco said.

"There are just different pieces about all sorts of different things, just slice of life pieces, all clever and all different."

All of the shows have something in common: a sense of humor, Fusco said.

"They poke a little fun at everything," he said.

"Some of them poke fun at cultural things, and they poke a little bit of fun at politics," Fusco said. "A lot of the characters are a bit quirky.

"There's quite a bit of fun poked at modern culture."

Fusco also has had some fun with the production, which features 22 students, such as casting a play meant for four male leads with four female leads instead.

While the production presents itself with a tongue-and-cheek title, Fusco said it will offer theater enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience something new, different and exciting.

"Come and see something new, something original, something clever and something funny," Fusco said.

Cast members in The Beaded Weasel Strikes Again are Patrick Petrilla and Aidan Iannarino. In The Conversations are Rachel Eulberg and Meredith Morse; in Ring-A-Din-Ding are Curtis Kinnell, Rachel Schwanekamp and Josh George.

In More than Words Can Say are Bishop Darby, Jordyn Conley and Haley Golaszewski. In There Shall Be No Bottom are Meredith Morse, Caroline Ogle, Georgi Seeley and Courtney Lukacs. In An Everyday Pathology are Bishop Darby, Curtis Kinnell and Diane Mardis.

Cast members in Subway Shorts are: (Scene 1) Aidan Iannarino and Patrick Petrilla; (Scene 2) Justin Schroeder, Kristin Mathis, Diane Mardis and Jordyn Conley; (Scene 3) Elizabeth Mardis, Taylor Adams and Justin Schroeder; (Scene 4) Mathew Tucker, Meredith Morse and Aidan Iannarino; (Scene 5) Haley Goaszewski, Josh George and Emily Thomsen.

Aidan Iannarino provides the subway voice-overs for all scenes,

The production team in addition to Fusco includes: Technical director-Mark Blessing; costumer-Jude Berger; box office-Jeff Berger; stage mangers-Samantha Skinner and Austin Leed; sound-Adam Raducki; lights-Colin Fralick and Audrey Melko; set construction and running crew-Ryan Wright, Jacob Petro, Brandon McNeal; Woody Gray, Thomas Cochran, Dylan Thompson, Ben Oates, Nick Forquer and Keith Cavicchia; house manager-Jessica Buerster; props-Jennifer Marshall, Kristin mathis and Lydia Binnig.