The Westerville Education Foundation has announced that four grants totaling $4,608.51 will be funded.

The Westerville Education Foundation has announced that four grants totaling $4,608.51 will be funded as follows:

•$1,019.94 to Jennifer Fry, elementary technology integration specialist, for "Presentations with Pocket Projectors," a project that will utilize mini projectors to easily connect to district-owned iPads or iPods. These pocket projects will display what is on the digital device up to 60 inches.

•$988.57 to Kimberly Niles, elementary technology integration specialist, for "Wireless Projection Project," which will enable the computers of 43 teachers to wirelessly project their iPad to the entire classroom for instructional purposes. In addition, multiple iPads can be projected with ease and at the same time via the wireless mirroring.

•$600 to John Rowson, Amber Knight, Andy Habing and Jessie Martin, Westerville North High School and Heritage Middle School, for "Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words." The purpose of this project is to provide 20 middle and high school students who havemental health difficulties with the opportunity to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings through digital photography. The students will take pictures to document their school year and communicate their accomplishments. The project will take place in the North Pointe programs at Heritage and North.

•$2,000 to Jan Fedorenko and Lori Searfoos, Hanby Elementary School, for "Teaching English Language through the Arts." This Year of the Arts grant application was approved for the implementation of a summer workshop program for English Language Learners (students and parents) to develop language and communication skills through the arts. The 2 1/2 hour workshop will be hosted for five days and will introduce parents and their child or children to the structure and environment of a school day. Together, participants will create a book about a school day through illustrations and written language.