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Westerville teachers receive grants

The Bette Marschall Memorial Education Fund of the Columbus Foundation has announced the awarding of nine grants totaling $2,599 to Westerville City Schools personnel. Grant applications were submitted this spring.

Recipients are:

* Jen Harris, Walnut Springs Middle School, $350 to attend an innovative counseling conference in Atlanta.

* Susannah Lee, Westerville Central High School, $205 for yearlong access to Apple educational consultant and membership in iEarn Network.

* Kelli Stuckey, Annehurst Elementary School, $165 for subscriptions to Scholastic News magazine and Science Spin magazine for 30 students.

* Rachel Schultz, McVay Elementary School, $348 for materials to help students with multiple disabilities to acquire math, reading and daily living skills.

* Erica Lane, Annehurst Elementary School, $337 to purchase 75 subscriptions to Scholastic News magazine.

* Denise Mundy, Huber Ridge Elementary School, $147 for 30 copies of Alpha-Zoo journals and for 12 Alpha-Zoo T-shirts.

* Debbie Pellington and Nyesha Clayton, Heritage Middle School, $299 to purchase 35 copies of The Puzzler's Mansion by Eric Berlin.

* Cait Maloy, Westerville North High School, $450 to establish a permanent Monarch Butterfly Way station.

* Lindsey Clouston, McVay Elementary School, $298 for books about inventors and inventions.

For more information about the fund and how to contribute, visit home.earthlink.net/~marsdavi.