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District's fund drives benefit AHA

Students and staff members in the Westerville City School District raised $29,156.62 for the American Heart Association during the 2012-2013 school year.

They did so by participating in a variety of fundraisers: Jump Rope for Heart, Hoops for Heart, and Red Out.

The breakdown of participating schools follows, along with the name of the educator who organized each building's fund drive:

* Alcott Elementary, $11,879.50, Paul McNeal

* Annehurst Elementary, $1,062, Beth Hammond

* Cherrington Elementary, $2,136.96, Dustin Lee

* Emerson Elementary, $1,583.02, Dustin Lee

* Fouse Elementary, $2,606.29, Chris Todd

* Hawthorne Elementary, $3,525, Alisa Franklin

* McVay Elementary, $1,500, Tom Carter

* Wilder Elementary, $3,423.34, Ryan Strickler

* Heritage Middle School, $760.44, Kerry Burton

* Walnut Springs Middle School, $300.07, Julie Myers

* Westerville South High School, $380, Lisa Baughman