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Westerville schools meet all 24 standards, earn A's, B's and C's


Westerville City Schools earned As, Bs and Cs on the state’s latest report card.

The district met all 24 academic indicators, earning an A in that category.

The district also earned a B on the performance index, which was 102.7. The performance index is a scoring system based on how students perform on state tests.

The district also did well in the value-added categories, which judged how much progress students make in one school year.

The district earned an overall A grade in the category, with a grade of C for value-added for gifted students and A's for value-added for disabled students and the lowest 20 percent of students.

A grade of C assumes students learned the expected amount of material in one school year.

In annual measurable objectives, which replaces the old adequate-yearly-progress category, the district earned a C.

The district’s four-year graduation rate was 92.1 percent, or a B letter grade. The district’s five-year graduation rate, which was 92.5 percent, earned the district a B.

The 2012-13 report card marks the first year the districts have earned letter grades, as the state transitions to a new report-card system.

For the past several years, Westerville has earned Excellent or Excellent with Distinction markings.

The new report card assigns districts letter grades in several categories, with a plan to have all districts marked with one overall letter grade in 2015.

The state has not yet revealed how districts' overall letter grades would be calculated.