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Schools have new community partner

The organization that brought you Stars in the Park and Starry Night has a new name and mission.

This September, the Westerville Elementary Boosters became the "Westerville Partners for Education (WPE)." The new name, logo and mission express the organization's emphasis on cultivating partnerships and an expanded focus on supporting education at every level in the district.

"We hope that you will embrace our new name and identity," WPE President Jen Aultman said in a news release. "We're still the same folks, and yes, with your help, there will still be a Starry Night 2014."

According to the news release, the WPE will support education by building relationships with community organizations, businesses and individuals willing to donate their expertise and time to supporting student success.

For more information, visit Facebook at WestervillePartnersforEducation or on Twitter at @WVillePartners.