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Westerville South students back in class after bomb threat


Westerville South High School students first were on lockdown and then were evacuated to the school’s football stadium after a bomb threat was found written on a bathroom wall early Tuesday, Oct. 29.

An unknown person wrote the word “bomb” with the date, 10-29-13, beside it on the wall, said Westerville Police Lt. Tracey Myers.

“Out of an abundance of caution, trying to make sure that the schools are a safe learning environment for all kids and working with the school’s administration, it was decided that they would do a lockdown,” Myers said.

While the students remained in their classrooms, police searched the school’s common areas and the stadium. Once those areas were cleared, students were evacuated along already searched routes to the stadium.

They remained there while all other areas were searched and were returned to their classes shortly after noon.

Students were never subject to any direct threat, Myers said, though police continue to search for the person who penned the threat.

“We’ll investigate, do what we can to figure out who it was, and we will prosecute them with whatever we find out,” he said.

Bomb threats are not particularly common in Westerville, Myers said, with the district seeing maybe one a year. Nevertheless, South’s school resource officer worked quickly with staff to ensure students’ safety, he said.

“I can’t remember the last one we actually did an evacuation on (a bomb threat),” Myers said. “The school’s going to do everything they can to maintain the safety of the child.

“They take that super seriously.”