"Believe, Dream, Inspire," was the theme of the 2013-14 PTA Reflections competition.

"Believe, Dream, Inspire," was the theme of the 2013-14 PTA Reflections competition.

In an awards ceremony held at the Westerville Public Library Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Westerville Parent Council recognized students for their efforts in the areas of literature, music, dance, photography, film/video and visual arts. Honorees were:


Primary Division - First place, Gracen Hunley.

Intermediate Division- First place, Diamond Harrell.

Middle Division - First place, Janie Lee Nickel.


Primary Division - First place, Alexandre Hendrick.

Intermediate Division - First place, Ethan Jones.


Primary Division - First place, Caroline Calodney; second place, Harris Hutto; third place, Joey Laffey; first honorable mention, Jenna Benedict; second honorable mention, Daniel Dewey.

Intermediate Division - First place, Lauren McCarty; second place, Audrey Mylin; third place, Joseph Hatfield Jr.; first honorable mention, Natalie Kloos; second honorable mention, Elise McGann; third honorable mention, Kyra Lesmerises.

Middle Division - First place, Princess Kyeremaa; second place, Patti Doud; third place, Maria Givens; first honorable mention, Jordin Benedict; second honorable mention, Josh Plzak.


Intermediate Division - First place, Gloria Rogers; second place, Samantha Buckley; third place, Jermiya Givens; first honorable mention, Inioluwa Oyewusi; second honorable mention, Madelyn Sanford; third honorable mention, Alena Keenan.

Middle Division - First place, Kaya Williams.


Primary Division - First place, Aiden Parker; second place, Allison French; third place, Tyler Arnette; first honorable mention, Anthony Gordon; second honorable mention, Hayden Freeman Walker.

Intermediate Division - First place, Chloe Sampson; second place, Landon Bailey; third place, Julia Gordish; first honorable mention, Lily Wood; second honorable mention, Jenna Pallaci; third honorable mention, Elise Aultman.

Middle Division - First place, Elizabeth Briles; second place, Patti Doud; third place, Max Pike; first honorable mention, Michael Doud.

Special Artist - Antonio Bellini.

Visual Arts

Primary Division - First place, Alessandra Boo; second place, Abby Scurlock; third place, Siriyha Jones; first place, Joey Laffey; second honorable mention, Patrick Hasson; third honorable mention, Alexander Cardoza.

Intermediate Division - First place, Elizabeth O'Connell; second place, Owen Crawford; third place, Alina Baer; first honorable mention, Stella Bargar; second honorable mention, Alicia Deng; third honorable mention, Allie Thompson.

Middle Division - First place, Max Pike; second place, Yuan Qing Wu; third place, Leah Wander; first honorable mention, Caroline Cable; second honorable mention, Becky Abrahamsen.