Hello. My name is Joshua, and I was born in Massachusetts, a very, very colorful area until a storm hit, washing out all of the color.

1st Place The Day the Color Had Gone

By Terry Zgirbar

Hello. My name is Joshua, and I was born in Massachusetts, a very, very colorful area until a storm hit, washing out all of the color.

People everywhere were depressed. Everything was one color, and with everything being one color, it was boring.

It was my duty to color the world as it was before. So, I went to Sherwin Williams to buy paint, paint that totaled more than I could have ever imagined. It was a lot of money, but at least I was using the money for good.

I visited every millimeter of every area and painted for months and months. Did I miss my family? Yes. I missed them terribly. I hadn't seen them in a year. Just painting everyone's house took a long time. When I would stop and look at what I had accomplished and what I needed to do, it didn't seem like what I had done was a lot. I wanted to cry, and I almost did. I was so sad, and it was all because of this storm. With all that I had done and all that needed to be accomplished, I grew angry. It was unfair because I was the only one trying to help the community, trying to bring color back to the world. The people were depressed and lacked any motivation.

I stopped what I was doing and took a walk. Suddenly, I heard sounds, musical sounds, that I hadn't heard in quite some time. With all of the sadness and depression, music had disappeared too. I just hadn't realized it. I headed in the direction of the music. I came upon an iPod in a park. There was nobody around. Coming from the iPod was a good mix of hip hop and rap. I stopped, laid on the grass, sighed in relief, and listened for five solid hours. The music continued to play, hip hop, rap, country, rock, all varieties.

As I laid there, my mood began to change. I no longer felt sadness and anger. I was overwhelmed with joy again. And then, something miraculous happened. I stood up, and stretched my arms wide. My fingers began emitting colors high into the sky. Once the colors rose overhead, they began to rain down, finishing the job I had started so long ago.

People everywhere came out of their houses. They began to smile, laugh, and play. I took it all in. The world was as it should be, colorful.


2nd Place Finding the Vase

By Elise Bennett

I grabbed my mother's vase and headed outside. I was supposed to be meeting my brother by the river, but I didn't want to. I put the vase down and ran toward the barn. I was halfway there when I heard shouts and gunfire. I started to run back to the house, but somebody grabbed my arm. I screamed and spun around.

"Anna! You were supposed to meet me by the river!" my brother Thomas yelled. I had never seen him this mad.

"Come home. It's not safe."

At home I said, "Why were you so mad when I didn't meet y-." I was interrupted by Tom.

"They're coming soon."

"Who's coming? " I said as he ran around grabbing things off the shelves.

"The Redcoats" he answered.

That night when we were having dinner I spoke up.

"Today I heard gunfire by the barn. Tom was packing our things in a bag." Mama and Papa looked at each other and Tom.

"I was packing in case we needed to make a quick escape. Anna did not meet me by the river like she was supposed to. Instead, she went to the barn."

"Anna. Is this true? Did you put my favorite vase back?" Mama asked me. I jumped up and ran outside. I had to find that vase. It has to be out here somewhere. It had gotten really dark and it would be hard to find now. I raced around frantically looking for it.

"Anna! You lost my favorite vase! How dare you! Go to your room!" she pointed to the door. I stood up and ran inside to my room.

Later, I found Mama and Tom in the kitchen looking very sad.

"We need to tell you something. The British have taken Papa" Mama said.

"When will he be back?" I asked.

"We hope soon," Mama replied.

"I'm going to fight the British," Tom said.

"No, Tom. You're too young. You're only 13 years old," said Mama.

"I'm not too young. Many boys my age fight."

"No, Tom. Enough is enough!" Mama said.

"Sorry, Mama." He got up and walked to the barn. I ran after him.

"Tom, please. This is important!" I yelled. He turned around.

"What?" he answered.

"What's in the barn?" I yelled at him.

"Weapons to fight in the war. I don't care what Mama says. I'm going to sneak out tonight when she is asleep. Don't tell her."

"I won't tell her as long as you take me," I said.

"No way. It's way too dangerous."

"Then I'll tell Mama about what you are doing tonight."

"Fine," he agreed.

"Good night, Anna."

"Good night, Mama," I said. I couldn't wait until Tom came in and told me it was time to go. Mama left and went to her room.

"Anna. Time to go," Tom whispered. We both got up and went outside. It was really cold. Tom already had the weapons so we were ready to go. We took off across the field. We passed the Boston Harbor, where the Boston Tea Party had taken place. We passed little houses and shops until we were in an area where colonists and the British were fighting. We ducked behind a bush. We didn't have any real weapons. Just sticks and stones.

"Don't talk too much. They could hear us," Tom whispered.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Just follow me." Tom jumped up and ran between two buildings. I ran after him, tripping on a real weapon. I reached for it but someone else grabbed it first. I stood up and instantly recognized the man.

"Papa! I thought you were captured!" I said.

"I was never captured. I lied to your mother so I could fight in the war. I know it was not right to lie but this was important. I had to. Why are you out here?" Papa asked.

"We were looking for you."

"We? Who else is with you?" he asked me.

"Tom. It was his idea to sneak out," I answered.

"Papa!" Tom rushed over to Papa.

"Children, go home find Mama's favorite vase. Look inside it. NOW GO!" he yelled. Just then I remembered I had set the vase on the log. It must have fallen into the bushes. We raced home and got the vase. I was right. It was in the bush. I got up and ran inside. We took it to Mama.

"Mama, your vase," Tom said. Mama woke up and saw it.

"Papa told us there was something in here." I reached in and felt paper. I pulled it out and read it to Tom and Mama. It said...............

Dear Mama, Tom, and Anna,

If you are reading this right now, I am at war with the British............


3rd Place Mirrors

By Elena Parks

As I walk across the room of mirrors,

I see myself,

I walk away too scared to see the truth.

I felt that I wasn't beautiful, I felt I wasn't wanted

The next room was down the hall.

I passed a deer and three jellyfish, was this a dream?

I go into the next room,

I see three different mirrors

Three different kinds of me

One I see myself sad and alone I pushed my family and friends away,

I just wanted to be alone

The second mirror I saw myself happy and laughing.

Surrounded with friends and family

The third mirror I saw myself as I am now

Who can that be, is that really me in that mirror in front of me.


Honorable Mention Am I talking to a dog?

By Andrew Speicher

There were three kids named Charlie, Bella, and Nate. One day the kids were playing and their dog Buster was eating his food. "I wonder what dog food tastes like." said Bella. The boys ignored her. Bella reached her hand into the dog's bowl. She picked up a piece of dog food and placed it in her mouth. "Charlie, Nate! The dog food tastes like pizza." said Bella. Instantly the boys wanted to try it. They all finished the dog's food. After a short amount of time the kids felt dizzy like they wanted to vomit. Then suddenly they didn't feel the same. They felt fur on the body and they were smaller. They transformed into puppies. When they tried to talk all that came out was a bark. They heard a low voice a few feet away from them, It was Buster. "Hi there, little pups." Buster said in a mellow voice. "How are we going to get to be humans again?" The pups said. "I know!" said Charlie. "We can eat human food." "How are we going to do that? It's on the table." said Nate. "Buster is pretty big, maybe he could get it for us." said Charlie. "Buster, could you get the food on the table for us?" said Nate. "I'll try." said Buster. Buster jumped up as high as he could and smacked the plate to the ground. Panting Buster said "There you go." "Thanks Buster." said the pups. "Ooh, it's pizza!" Bella said. The puppies ate and ate until the pizza was all gone. "I heard the door open." said Charlie. It was Charlie, Bella, and Nate's parents. "What are these puppies doing here?" said their Mom. Suddenly the puppies transformed back into humans. "I don't know." said the kids.

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