There lived an eight year old girl named Emma. She had no pets, but she really wanted a pet.

1st Place Crazy Pets

By Aubrey Paes

There lived an eight year old girl named Emma. She had no pets, but she really wanted a pet. Rabbits and birds were her favorite animals. One day, Emma's friend Saige came over and asked Emma if she would watch her two pets because she was going to dinner. Emma was excited, but a little nervous because she was wondering how much work it would be. Emma said, "Sure!" Saige gave Emma a box of toys to take care of the animals. Then, she gave Emma her rabbit and bird. Roo was a blue, nervous parakeet. Isabelle was a feisty, gray, spotted rabbit. Saige left the house and as soon as she left, the animals went crazy!

The rabbit, Isabelle, was struggling to get out of Emma's arms. Finally, she jumped out of her arms and hopped around. Emma tried putting the bird cage on its stand when Isabelle knocked into it. The water in Roo's cage fell over and spilled on the floor. The rabbit went sliding and fell into the cage. The bird got scared and flapped all around. Emma had to let Roo out of the cage so she could calm her down. Roo flew everywhere around the house. Emma felt scared. She thought that this was way too much work. There was water on the floor to clean up and the animals were loose. The rabbit was running into things and the bird was on the kitchen counter. Emma had to figure out a way to clean up the mess and get the animals under control.

Emma thought about the box of toys Saige gave her. She thought about how if she put the cage back up on its stand, she could put a toy in the cage for Roo to play with. She would also put a toy in the rabbit's cage so they wouldn't get crazy anymore. Once Emma put the animals in their cages and they had calmed down, she gave Isabelle a carrot and Roo some bird seed.

Then, it was time for the animals to go home. Saige asked, "How did it go?" Emma said, "The pets did fine but they got a little crazy." Saige said, "Thank you" and she took her pets home. After Saige went home, Emma thought she had more to learn on how to care for a pet, but she still really wanted one.


2nd Place My Animal Visitor

By Daria Lesmerises

The wolves were howling last night. I was sound asleep. And then I woke up and there was a wolf pup in my room.

Its breath was horrible. But it looked so cute. Its big blue eyes were staring at me like it wanted me to give it something.

I thought, "Oh no, it's going to steal something."

I was nervous that she was going to steal my Granny-Great's angel. Granny-Great gave it to me and it's white and as big as a picture frame. If she stole it I would lasso her.

My mom gave me a piggy bank and she would be mad if the wolf pup took it because it's the only thing she got from her grandma. If the wolf pup took it I would be in big trouble and maybe Mom would ground me.

I like to play with my American Girl dolls, but if the wolf pup took them I would be really, really mad at her.

I would be glad if she took my sister's singing voice because she sings all the time. It's kind of getting old.

That's a relief. She took my curtain. She didn't take something special. But I'm still mad at her.

I think she took the curtain for a blanket because it's in the winter. There are some woods by my house, and all the animals took the comfy things from the woods because they want to keep warm. They took warm leaves. They took warm scraps. They even took warm grass.

The wolf pup didn't get any comfy things. The wolf pup felt really sad, and so instead, she snuck into my house and took my curtain.

I kind of feel bad for her now. I kind of want her to keep it now. I think she's going to take it outside and use it for a blanket now.

I'll just tell my mom that my curtain fell out the window. I'm going back to sleep and no one is going to bother me. I'm going to think that the wolf pup is sleeping very nicely.

Now the other animals are jealous. All the things they took aren't that warm. So now I think they might sneak into someone else's house and steal their curtain.

And that's how I slept last night.


3rd Place My trip to Disney

By Andrew Fyock

On my trip to Disney I worked on my trip activity. I did a word search. I did about 3 pages. If I did not have the activity book I would be bored. While I did my homework, Lydia read her book. I love to read but I had to do my homework. When we were close to Disney, we got lost. After an hour we got to Disney. At Disney we got our hotel building and it was number eight. Our hotel number was 8164. After we got in our hotel, we all were tired. We were happy we could go to bed so we did. The next day we were so happy to go to Animal Kingdom. My favorite ride was Mount Everest.

Our 2nd day we were a little tired. The park we went to today was Magic Kingdom. We rode rides. At the end of the day we went to bed. The next day it was our 3rd day. The park we went to was Magic Kingdom. Again this time we left at 12 o clock and went to the pool. We returned to Magic Kingdom at like 7 o clock p.m. We watched the electric parade. Oh, we walked to the castle and saw all the characters. It was so cool -- Tinker Bell came down a string in the air. On our way out, we could hardly move. When we got back to the hotel, we went to bed. In the morning it was our 4th day at Disney. I love Disney World. The next day it was the 4th day at Disney. The park we went today was EPCOT. In the beginning we took pictures. My dad acted like he was holding the ball. My trip to Disney was awesome. That time we were tired and my feet hurt. The next park was Hollywood Studios. Lydia's favorite park was Hollywood Studios because of the Tower of Terror. I did not go on it. My mom stayed with me. Oh we were supposed to go on Honey I shrunk the Kids but it was closed. In every park all the rides it was like all the rides had two stops. On the last day Lydia and I were so tired when we got back. We were so glad to be back. Now 1/29/14 we wish we could go back.


Honorable Mention The Life of Jimmy John Jones

By Tyler Klein

Jimmy John Jones

Jumped on the bed

Jimmy John Jones

Fell on his head

Jimmy John Jones favorite color was red

Jimmy John Jones had a friend named Ted

They liked to eat peanut butter and bread

Jimmy John Jones had a dog named Fred

Fred liked to jump on the bed

Jimmy John Jones liked to keep his dog fead

Jimmy John Jones liked to pretend but would forget what he said

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