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Westerville: Televisions, handguns, money taken in burglary

A residence in the 200 block of Cross Country Loop was burglarized April 23, and the unknown suspect made off with three televisions, along with other items, Westerville police reported.

When the homeowner returned home from work in the early evening, he discovered books, DVDs, photo albums and video games scattered over the floor, and the TV in his living room was missing.

According to police reports, the homeowner also saw that closets had been opened and rifled through, but nothing appeared missing from them.

Other TVs from the spare bedroom and master bedroom were missing upon his inspection of the upstairs.

The homeowner also discovered three handguns, three boxes of ammunition and $600 in cash were taken from his bedroom. Among other missing items were seven watches.

There were no signs of forced entry, but according to reports, it is believed the suspect entered by lifting the rear sliding glass door up off the lock and sliding it back.

No neighbors reported seeing anything suspicious, but the homeowner reported his girlfriend saw a gray van parked outside the home when she left for work. She was unable to get a make or model of the vehicle or describe the two males she saw near the vehicle.

There are currently no suspects or arrests.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

• A suspect robbed the Red Bank Harbor Food and Beverage at 7001 Sunbury Road at knifepoint April 24.

According to reports, the suspect also had a handgun in his waistband while the robbery took place.

An officer on the scene checked the nearby neighborhood, and found a dollar bill in a yard. A resident stepped outside and was arrested.

The man was "intoxicated and belligerent," and was arrested at his home. The investigation is still in progress and no further information was immediately available.

• A house in the 100 block of South Sunbury Road was burglarized April 22 after an unknown suspect pried off a window screen and forced open a bedroom window while the homeowner was away.

The offender stole a box of personal mementos that included a vintage wristwatch, lapel pins and military service memorabilia, many from the owner's father's time in World War II. Service ribbons, an engraved bracelet and other military decorations were all taken.

Several Nintendo Wii video games, which were kept on a shelf in the living room, also were stolen.

The bedroom window was locked, but according to police reports, the suspect inserted a tool between the window sashes and used it to work the lock mechanism, unlocking the window. The suspect entered and exited from the same window.

Neighbors on the street told police they did not see anything out of place, and police were unable to find usable fingerprints at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing, and no arrests or suspects have been identified.