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Westerville: Spent cartridges found after break-in at church

A custodian who reported the incident believes that someone broke into a building at Central College Church, 905 S. Sunbury Road, going through a basement window sometime between the afternoon of April 26 and the morning of April 27, Westerville police reported.

The basement's windows are covered by pieces of wood, and the suspect also broke a window on a door directly inside the church's main east entrance.

Inside, officers found five spent rifle cartridges and a spent handgun cartridge. Each had a "white plastic item" stuck inside the open part of the cartridge.

According to the report, "It is unknown what these cartridges were used for, but appear to be drug paraphernalia," and the inside of the plastic appears burnt but has no smell. The cartridges were placed in evidence.

The custodian told police there have been "many" break-ins at church facilities in the past, and officers could not determine how long the items have been in the church, or whether they were left behind during the recent break-in, reports said.

No suspects have been identified.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

• A leaf blower was reported stolen from a residence on the 300 block of East Schrock Road sometime between April 23 and 26.

The homeowner had been doing yard work periodically throughout the week, and told police he wasn't sure when the theft occurred, but it likely was while the garage door was open.

• A woman's purse and other items were stolen when an unknown suspect smashed a car window while the vehicle sat near Alum Creek Park, 221 W. Main St. on the morning of May 2.

The woman and her daughter returned from a walk to find her vehicle's right front window broken and her purse, wallet, credit cards and driver's license stolen, as well as her daughter's clothing, diapers and wipes.

Police were searching the area for a possible smash-and-grab suspect out of Delaware County at the time, and it is unknown whether the two incidents are related.

• Police found a 26-year-old woman heavily intoxicated near Pointview Elementary School, 720 Pointview Drive, about 6 p.m. May 2.

The woman was found on the other side of Huber Village Park, 362 Huber Village Blvd., when police arrived, but was initially was reported behind the elementary school. The school and city park properties are adjacent.

The woman told police she had consumed nearly half a bottle of vodka, and was on two different drugs that should not be combined with alcohol. She had urinated in her pants and was nearly passing out, reports said.

The woman was released to her parents, after being charged with disorderly conduct.