Two Westerville houses were burglarized in about a 24-hour period between May 4 and 5, Westerville police reported.

Two Westerville houses were burglarized in about a 24-hour period between May 4 and 5, Westerville police reported.

A house in the 600 block of Pointview Drive was burglarized late on the night of May 5, and a house in the 600 block of Timberlake Drive was burglarized sometime between the afternoon of May 4 and late May 5.

Homeowners of the residence on Pointview returned from seeing a movie to find a plastic dog door forced open and broken into two pieces at the rear of the residence. Their rear sliding door, which was locked when they left, was partially open.

After inspecting the house, homeowners said that about 17 various DVDs, two laptop computers, an iPad, wedding bands and other jewelry and a safe containing nearly $5,000 were stolen.

Police dusted for fingerprints.

At the house on Timberlake, the homeowner was out of town on business, and returned to find his rear door ajar. He immediately noticed a television was missing and scoured the rest of his house before calling police.

According to police reports, doors and cabinets had been opened throughout the home and the rear door of the house "appeared to be the entry and exit point."

The 40-inch television and about $100 in rolled coins were reported stolen.

A neighbor told police that she had seen a suspicious male pacing back and forth outside of the home earlier in the day, but could not see his face. The man left about 15 minutes later.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

• A man was eating with his children May 8 at Panda Express, 85 Maxtown Road, when an unknown suspect took his wallet off of a table and then ran out the door. His daughter screamed and the man chased the suspect out of the building.

The suspect tried to get onto a white bicycle outside the building, but the victim was able to grab him by the shirt, so he dumped the bike and ran on foot. The man chased the suspect through a parking lot and to a nearby business, where he caught up to him and grabbed him by the shirt.

After the suspect threw his wallet in the bushes, the man stopped chasing him and the suspect got away, but without his bike.

The man's wallet contained several credit cards and $65. Police have made no arrests.

• A woman called police when she thought she heard someone breaking into her residence on the 100 block of Mariemont Drive.

On the evening of May 5, the woman heard glass breaking and ran downstairs to turn on the light. She did not see anyone outside when she turned on her porch light.

The next morning, she discovered broken glass inside of a car port door and moved a curtain to find a door window broken out, next to the door knob.

Police said it's possible that when the woman turned on the light, it scared away a would-be burglar.