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Westerville: Resident reports attempt to enter apartment unit

After she thwarted an unknown intruder's attempts to break into her apartment on May 27 or 28, a resident of the 1100 block of Colony Drive told police about the incident a week later, Westerville police reported.

The woman, 83, said she heard someone trying to unlock her door with several different keys about 6:30 p.m. She ran to the door and was able to lock the deadbolt before the would-be intruder finally opened the lock.

When the deadbolt was locked, the woman heard the stairwell door slam shut. She looked out the door and did not see anyone. She had the door locks of her apartment changed two days later.

The woman told police that she's dealt with theft issues in the past, and has discovered things disturbed or missing from her apartment on multiple occasions. She said that when a former maintenance worker retired four years ago, the thefts stopped.

She told police she had seen the maintenance worker in other residents' apartments since, and that he still has a key to the building, despite not living there.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

* On the night of June 6, someone broke into a house in the 100 block of East Walnut Street and stole a wide variety of power tools and other equipment from the contractors who were working on the residence.

Items ranging from batteries and bags to saws and drills were taken, and a full can of beer was found at the scene. Some of the items that were taken were found under a row of bushes near the house's property line.

The contractors immediately told police they knew who had taken the tools, and blamed two former employees.

Police went to the suspects' addresses after obtaining a search warrant, and found many of the stolen items located inside. Neither of the suspects were home, and no arrests have been made.

Blendon Township

A 21-year-old man reportedly pulled a gun on his parents at their home in the Springborough subdivision on the evening of June 6, Blendon Township police reported.

Police were told the caller heard a gunshot, but when officers arrived, "It was determined no one had been shot," and the son was taken into custody.

Officers found the gun hidden under a pile of clothes. There was no magazine in the gun, and no bullet had been chambered, but an officer found ammunition and the magazine in a backpack.

No charges were immediately filed.

In other township reports:

* A man was stabbed by an unknown suspect June 6 while waiting at a bus stop near Meijer, 5555 Cleveland Ave.

The victim said he was waiting for the bus when another man "mean mugged him." He gave a similar look back, and the suspect pushed him.

When the victim pushed back, the other man -- described as a light-skinned black man with dreadlocks wearing jean shorts and a black shirt -- fell down, pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him in the ankle, reports said.

The victim was taken to the hospital. No further action is being taken.